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iYura Body Sets for Mother’s Day

The Moms and other mother figures in our lives put other people’s wellbeing first because they are nurturing souls. This Mother’s Day is time to pay it back and show our appreciation with some nourishing Ayurvedic skin care products from iYura so she’ll feel and look great from head to toe.

iYura has created several Hair-Face-Body Beauty Pack Sets that will invigorate and hydrate your scalp, face and body. Each set has a unique set of oils made from Ayurvedic herbs to create effective elixirs to improve our skin’s health and appearance.

iYURA Tranquiliscence: Calm & Clear 

The Tranquiliscence Calm & Clear – Hair-Face-Body Set includes 3 iYura potent replenishing oils, Nidradi Scalp Oil, Kesaradi Face Oil and Vyam Yoga Body Oil. The Nidradi Blissful Head Massage Oil will relax your mind and beautify your hair. The Kesaradi Daily Face Oil will give you glowing, soft, gorgeous complexion and the fragrant Vyam Yoga Oil with 16 nourishing ingredients for a toned, warmed up body. This beauty pack is on sale right now!

Calm & Clear 

iYura Soft and Smooth

The Soft and Smooth Hair-Face-Body Set includes 3 luxurious iYura oils, Rukshadi Dry Scalp and Hair Nectar, Kesarad Daily Face Oil and Himaruti Eternal Foot Oil. The Rukshadi Dry Hair and Scalp Nectar (Vegan) for extra soft and silky hair. The Kesaradi Daily Face Oil will leave your skin soft, supple and glowing. Most of us neglect our feet, so The Himaruti Foot Oil is a way we can pamper our feet. This oil forms a protective barrier without suffocating the pores and will leave your feet soft, hydrated. This beauty set is on sale right now!

Soft and Smooth

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