Peter Pauper Jigsaw Puzzles

Even though we are living deep in the age of technology with iPhones with Tablets, iPads and video games, people still enjoy slower paced activities like putting together a jigsaw puzzle or two. Once deemed a fun thing to do as a child, this traditional pastime is now resurfacing at an aggressive rate. But puzzles are more than a leisurely and relaxing activity to do, they offer a multitude of benefits both mentally and physically.

Puzzles improve your memory, attention span and fine motor skills, engages the left and right of the brain simultaneously and increase better problem-solving skills. They’re also a meditative tool, raise your IQ, help delay dementia, improve visual-spatial reasoning and encourage perseverance.

With these kinds of benefits, it’s easy to see why puzzles are well loved. There are a huge variety of puzzles on the market, but Peter Pauper recently started carrying a selection with stunning images and they are a big hit in our home. You can choose from a variety of eighteen different puzzles.

Coral Reef

The Coral Reef jigsaw puzzle is so visually appealing with lots of vibrantly colored aquatic life. It’s intricate, it’s detailed and it’s peaceful. The puzzle has 1000 pieces and comes with a full-color poster that will work as your guide. The pieces are thick, offer precision cut interlocking and have a nice texture. Kids and adults will enjoy piecing together the serene life under the sea. Dolphins, turtles, starfish, coral, seashells, sea moss and other life that calls the sea their home. This puzzle will keep the family busy for days. The finished piece measures 28” wide x 20” high.

Unicorn Paradise

Everyone loves unicorns and this enchanting puzzle will put you in a magical realm where they roam freely. A tranquil image with craggy mountains, graceful unicorns, fairytale castle, cascading waterfall, a rainbow and whimsical flowers will relax anyone. It comes with 1000 vibrant hued pieces and a picturesque poster to use as a visual reference. The puzzle has durable interlocking pieces and a semi-matte finish that reduces glare. It’s a puzzle that the whole family will enjoy working on. Its finished size measures 28” wide x 20” high.

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