Cariloha Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June is fast approaching and many of us are pondering ways we can show our dads or the father figures in our lives the respect and admiration they deserve. As kids, we’ve given them everything from outrageous to traditional gifts, and they accepted them graciously. As adults now, we focus more on giving not only practical but trendy gifts our dads can use and will appreciate. Cariloha is a great place to find stylish attire that is comfortable and made from incredibly soft bamboo. Here are a few gift ideas that will make dad feel special.

Father’s Day is at the onset of summer and wearing comfy and cool clothing is something Cariloha can offer dads, starting with Bamboo Shorts.

Bamboo Performance Shorts

Bamboo Performance Shorts

The Bamboo Performance Shorts are made from eco-friendly bamboo, polyester and elastane. They’re super comfortable to wear and considerably lightweight compared to other brands. The guys in my family and I think guys in general, do not like shorts above the knees. The Bamboo Performance shorts hang slightly below the knees and feature an athletic fit. The bamboo combo fabric offers 4-way stretch, is odor resistant, breathable and dries quickly.  The front pockets are deep and the back pockets will hold wallets or phones easily. All the pockets are made from an airy perforated fabric that’s lightweight and breathable. They have a zipper front, button closure and the waistband has belt loops. Available in five colors. They’re perfect for dad!

Men’s Bamboo Tanks

Men's Bamboo Tanks

The Cariloha Bamboo Tanks are made from durable 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% organic cotton. This combination will keep you cool, in fact, 3 degrees cooler than cotton. Bamboo has moisture wicking and odor and allergy resistant properties. The Bamboo Tanks are stylish and offer a relaxed fit and comes in two colors. They’re luxuriously soft, lightweight, comfy and will be dad’s go to top all summer.

Bamboo Comfort Crew Tees

Bamboo Comfort Crew Tees

Tees are a main staple in a man’s wardrobe, so they’re an ideal gift idea for dear old dad. The Cariloha Comfort Crew Tees are made from 52% viscose from bamboo combined with 48% polyester making them super soft and breezy to wear. Guys will love Cariloha tees because they’re attractive, fit nice, comfortable and have a modest amount of stretch. They have all the same attributes as the Bamboo Tanks – breathable, odor and allergy resistant and moisture wicking. They offer a regular fit and are available in six colors.

Bamboo Athletic Socks

Bamboo Athletic Socks

No outfit is complete without some comfortable socks. The Cariloha Men’s Bamboo Athletic Socks are just what your feet need. The blended fabric of 62% viscose from bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 5% nylon and 5% spandex, make them soft, durable and cozy to wear. They feature a seamless toe construction for those with sensitive feet, providing comfort and ease from any friction or chafing. They also offer arch support, odor resistant and moisture wicking properties. When you put the socks on, you can feel the arch support and the cushion-like footbed. They feel wonderful on the feet and I think dad will appreciate this feature. They come in a variety of colors, patterns and lengths.

All of the Cariloha products require low maintenance to care for them. They need to be washed in cold water and dried on low heat. They come out of the dryer virtually without any creases if you fold or hang them immediately.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


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