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iYURA Revitalize Skincare Pack on Sale

Revitalize with iYURA!

Ayurvedic ingredients for skin care was used extensively generations ago. But, somehow along the way with modernization, toxic chemicals were pooled in making them unnatural products. Some do more harm than good. iYURA products are cruelty-free and free of harmful or artificial fragrances, additives, chemicals, binders, etc., that age, discolor and dry out our skin. Instead, their products are created around natural herbal ingredients that are powerful and effective when it comes to restoring your skin’s appearance, texture, and tone.

iYURA has created several skin care kits that revitalize, replenish and restore our skin. Right now, they have a special on their Revitalize Kit. Included is their Kesarad Face Oil, Rujahar Oil, and Himaruti Foot Oil. This kit was designed to pamper, release tension and revitalize your skin.


Kesaradi Face Oil – Ayurveda’s Skin Brightening, Revitalizing, and Deep Nourishing Secret

Rujahari Oil – The Ultimate Oil for Healthy Joints – 50 Powerful Ingredients – Pure, Classical Mahanarayana Oil

Himaruti Foot Oil – The Eternal Oil to Soothe the Feet – A Unique Foot Oil with ‘The Eternal Root’ – Pure, Classical Pinda Oil

Each of these products has a selection of iYURA’s signature blends that make a dull complexion radiant, brighter, smoother and softer. They are suitable for all skin care types and can be used daily.

Right now get $20 US off of iYURA’s Revitalize Kit until May 31.
Pamper Yourself!

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