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How To Become More Optimistic With A Few Simple Steps

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We all know at least one or two people who are eternal optimists. They are always happy and even when the worst possible thing happens to them, they see something good about it. They probably make you crazy. But you cannot pull away from them. Their optimism is something we crave. In this article, we hope to show you how to become optimistic and how to remain optimistic throughout your life. We are born with an optimistic and curious nature. We want to touch everything. Everything we see is wonderful. It takes a few shocks, scoldings from our parents, and caregivers to take away that curiosity.

How did we learn to be pessimistic?

There are many ways we were taught to be pessimistic. Here are a few of them that are very common:

  • Failures in the past
    • Maybe you have tried and failed in the past. There are times when a parent or coach lets a child just keep trying until they “get it.” But, if the child just doesn’t understand what he is doing wrong, the repeated failures hurt his confidence more than the win builds him up. If you have not addressed this, it can have a negative impact on how you view yourself.
  • Parental established self-esteem
    • When a parent teases a child about their weight, their shoe size, or any other part of their body, they think it is cute. But the child goes to school feeling imperfect in a building full of kids that are more than happy to point out their imperfections. Yes, this is a clear pessimistic layer on the vision.
  • Company you keep
    • The kid got his first massive doses of pessimistic energy from those who were supposed to care for him. He believes he has problems. So, he finds people like him to make friends with. He will not choose kids with cute faces, talents on the sports teams, that people cheer for. He is never going to take a compliment at face value. There is always something more behind it.

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Learning to live an optimistic lifestyle

You may have been one of the kids described above. If you are, you know that being pessimistic does not go away with age. It only gets worse. This is one of those things that grab hold of your life and becomes part of who you are. It changes who wants to be around you, and it drains your personal happiness. It even limits the types of employment you will be offered. You know it is not right. You know it is not fun. You are the only one who can change it.

Here are some simple steps that will help you get started.

  • Keep a notebook or a journal
    • Every time you make a negative comment or jester, write it down and who was around. Later (at home) write down something positive you could have said instead.
  • Get a role model & accountability buddy. It can be anyone you know that you respect to help you and to hold you accountable to your word. If you step out of line, you have to put a dollar in a jar for charity
  • Never predict the future. Only comment on today. Predicting that everything will go wrong tomorrow is a pessimistic best tool.
  • Challenge yourself daily to replace negative talk by replacing it with positive statements and keep a record of your success.
  • Give yourself a pep talk every morning.
  • If you notice someone else with a negative outlook, say something positive and smile. It will shock the room, make you feel better, and give you a taste of the power of positivity.


  1. Watch your diet
    1. Eating sugar, carbs, fats, and empty calories are not just bad for your body, they are also bad for your brain and your mood. You will feel sluggish and tired. Your body will spike and then crash as your blood sugar rises and falls. You are likely to experience food cravings because your body is not getting proper fuel.
  2. Stay hydrated
    1. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times while you are getting your diet under control. Limit your caffeine. Water will help your organs function. It will flush out your system and allow your brain to be sharp, and that will allow you to concentrate better on your new outlook on life.
  3. Say “NO” to fear
    1. All these years you have been letting life pass you by. Maybe you would not go on a trip because an airplane could crash. Or would not take a cruise because a boat could sink. But, there are plenty of fun things you can do that are safe and exciting. Some are from the comfort of your own home. Use your home computer to play games.

Go on a trip, win some money, meet the partner of your dreams online. Now that you can see that life is not about luck.

Better Physical Health

According to studies done by the Mayo Clinic, people who live a more positive and optimistic lifestyle tend to be physically healthier than those who do not. The study had the following results:

  • Patients suffered from less stress
  • Patients suffered less from depression
  • Patients have a longer lifespan
  • They have better overall cardio health
  • Their coping skills are more developed
  • They tend to have a stronger immune system
    • They suffer less from colds, flu, and respiratory illness

Unhealthy habits

The Mayo Clinic health study noted that people who are optimistic are more likely to quit or avoid bad habits that will affect their health. They usually will not smoke, or drink alcohol. They will include physical exercise into their routine. They will not partake in drugs.

A person seeking an optimistic lifestyle starts with their mind. They choose the way they think and they make it happen. They chose the way they will speak and react, and they learn a better way. The new them will eat to sustain the lifestyle in which they now live.

It will not be easy, but it can be done. Life is waiting, just for you. Just make the commitment and start living for you. Every day is a new beginning and every mistake is a lesson learned. This is all you need to know, to grow higher than you ever thought possible.


  • I think this article was written with me in mind. I am a pessimist married to an optimist who always sees the brighter side of every situation. I wasn’t born a pessimist but I can say that my mother had a hand in making me one. I read this article with much interest because it gives great suggestions on how to overcome pessimism to live a happier life. Over the years I’ve learned to keep negativity out of my everyday thoughts and most times I’m successful. Great article you have posted.

  • Having healthy habits is so important toward having an optimistic outlook. I know if I am overtired or have eaten sugar I tend to become more down about life.

  • I totally agree with your article!! It really makes sense! Sugar does make you sluggish and depressed! I know because I am a Diabetic. These symptoms bother me when my sugars are high. Plus I don’t feel so positive when I feel ugly or bad about myself! This definitely was pin worthy! Thank you for sharing this awesome article 😍

  • I as well agree with your article. We need to take care of our bodies, exercise – even just a daily walk will help. We need to watch what we put into our bodies, there are so many things not so good–sugar, process foods, alcohol and tobacco.

  • What an interesting article. I’m not sure what this “are not just bad for your body, they are bad for your body. ” meant though, that was confusing. I agree that a positive attitude is the way to go.

  • This covers a lot of ways of how to be optimistic. I can see the whole as a matter of observation, I believe that it’s mostly a mental thing

  • Great tips , I think I’ll start with a journal and exercise! Journal to keep me accountable! Walking everyday is an easy way to start incorporating exercise and I’m definitely in need of some good habits !

  • Good article. Only 1 exercise above fits me. Say no to fear, I’m not scared of anything. The rest I am the opposite of. My health is bad and I’m in constant pain. There are many people in worse shape than me. Every day that I wake up is a good day!

    No matter your background or circumstances being optimistic comes naturally to some and others have to work at it.

    Have a great day and Happy 4th of July!

  • This is one of the most positive posts I have read in a very long time. Always remember everything happens for a reason and we need all our experiences to grow to be better people every day.

  • I have always tried to look at the positive side of things, but many people I know do not. These are great tips for people who may have a hard time seeing the positive in things

  • This is a great post! I always try my best to be positive and to surround myself with positive people.

  • I am a pessimist married to an optimist. When I look at it objectively I have suffered so much more as have my family members than he & his-cancer, early deaths, poverty, addictions. Some people just have more suffering than others and maybe their being pessimists reflect this.

  • This is so great! I love posts on self-improvement. These kinds of topics don’t get talked about often on blogs. Great tips and insights!

  • I do agree with most of the tips above for being Optimistic. I can’t say I always am, but more so than my husband. I always feel things will work out in the long run. Whether it is your health or other circumstances that come up, it will all work out eventually. I guess I am an Optimistic. Most important is your health as indicated above and taking care of yourself.

  • I try to practice everything that you mentioned. I give myself positive affirmations when I wake up in the morning, and it sets my day off. Also, an early morning workout makes me feel like I did something good for myself for the day.

  • Great article! There are some very good points. It’s so easy these days, with nothing but bad news plastered all over the news and social media, to get pessimistic. Changing perspective, and looking for optimism, is a stress-releaser. Problems are still there, but it’s easier to tackle with a positive outlook.

  • It would very interesting to see that having a positive outlook actually can improve your overall health.

  • I grew up in a very negative household. I’ve had to teach myself to overcome that. I love this article. yes, learn to reprogram your brain and how you talk to yourself. I have used this year to challenge myself to do what scares me. i’ve submitted my writing, i’m getting published. Now I have to work on the physical health. Thanks for this. Great tips.

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