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Energize Your Body with Vyman Yoga Oil

100% natural, gluten-free Body Oil that energizes your day with or without a workout, in 5 minutes daily. Physically and energetically grounded days, moisturized and glowing body – guaranteed! 

With Vyam Yoga Oil, iYURA brings to you the power of 15 Ayurvedic ingredients that have been methodically prepared to give you a luxurious warm-up, every day.

Wake up & reap the benefits from the secret of the ancient Yogis and warriors and transcend your practice into a more immersive and integrative routine, all too easily. 

Many of us need to jump start our day with caffeine, but suffer from its side-effects in the interim. But, there is a better way, an 800-year old classical formulation that contains 100% Natural Himalayan Cedar, Rock Salt, Nardus Root & 11 other powerful Ayurvedic ingredients? ?

Up your well being and rejuvenate your senses to the calming aroma of this nourishing, relaxing & rejuvenating Body Oil to experience the extra-ordinary…

Read on to find out the horizon-expanding science behind the methodology that makes it all possible, in just 5-10 minutes daily!

Vyam Yoga Oil gets its name from ‘Vya-yam’ – the Sanskrit word for exercise. It’s a perfect pre-yoga oil but also works excellently as a body oil for someone who does yoga regularly or desires a physically active life.

This incredibly balancing oil is warming and stimulating. Not only does it gently shake off laziness, but it also firmly soothes the agitation your muscle groups experience after physical activity.

Massage generally boosts blood circulation, but when done using this oil, it generates a calming warmth that feels relaxing.

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