Peter Pauper School Supplies

In just a few short weeks, the cherished summer break will be over and kids will be heading back to forms, dorms, and uniforms. Loading them up with school supplies is our main objective over the next few weeks and there is an abundance to choose from. What many of you may not know is that Peter Pauper Press is more than a stationery store, they also carry a reservoir of practical and cute school supplies that kids of all ages will love.

Tree of Hearts Pencil Set

The Tree of Hearts Pencil Set comes with 24 colored pencils in a plethora of colors. Yellows, greens, pinks, blues, purples, oranges, pinks, reds, browns, and gray, plus black and white are included. They are artists quality, so they offer vibrant pigments for shading, blending, coloring and underlining.

The casing of the pencils are made from natural wood, so the finish is smooth and the grip comfortable. The end of each pencil shows each hue in this Studio Series set.

Second Chance Erasers

To err is human! It’s inevitable that during your kid’s scholastic year, they will make lots of spelling, grammar, punctuation, content and artistic mistakes. Peter Pauper has a handy six-pack of premium high-polymer and latex-free erasers with error inspired phrases on them. Choose from Start Over, No One’s Perfect| Second Chance| Oops, I Did It Again| CTL-ALT-DEL| Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. They’re durable, smudge-free, stay soft and will not crumble. They feature different fonts and they’re just the right size.

I-Clip Magnetic Bookmarks

With the multitude of textbooks and workbooks kids will have to peruse each year, having a collection of bookmarks is not only going to be handy, but necessary. My favorite bookmarks are the i-Clips from Peter Pauper. They come in a plethora of adorable patterns that kids of all ages will find appealing. They’re magnetic so they will secure your spot without any fear of them slipping out of place. Each package comes with four pairs for a total of eight i-clips. They’re fun, attractive and they’ll enchant your books and school papers

Pencil Pouch

A pencil pouch is another must-have school accessory. It can house our pens, pencils, colored pencils, erasers, markers, highlighters, scissors, glue sticks, rulers, pencil sharpener, sticky notes, electronics, cosmetics and so much more. Peter Pauper has a humble selection of pencil pouches and we loved the Sloths. The case measures 8-3/4” wide x 4-1/2” high and is soft and flexible. The interior has a pretty reflective gold lining and the zipper is durable and glides easily.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.