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Kansa Wand and iYura Oil for Glowing Youthful Skin

Get the Kansa Wand for Face & Body plus a FREE iYURA Kansa Oil or Kesaradi Oil!

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The Kansa Wand can help bring back our youthful glow. It offers stress-relief and total skin and mind-body rejuvenation! The Kansa Wand can be used for facials or on your body, providing a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience you will thoroughly enjoy.

Kansa Wand with a FREE iYURA Kansa Oil

Kansa Wand with Kansa Oil


Additional benefits of a Kansa Wand Massage are:

A pleasurable sensation that calms the entire nervous system
Relaxes minor muscle tension
Relaxes mild stress and tiredness in the feet or any muscle group
Helps to relax the whole body and calm the mind so you feel clearer and do both, rest or go out there and shine in the world
Supports your pre-sleep routine and helps in your endeavor to enjoy a deep, relaxing sleep

Special Offer: The iYURA’s Kansa Face & Body Oil works harmoniously with the Kansa Wands. Its unique formulation not only gives the perfect glide but also brings you the unparalleled skin-enhancing benefits of unique Ayurvedic herbs.

Kansa Wand with a FREE Kesaradi Oil

SPECIAL OFFER: Now get Premium Ayurveda Brand iYURA’s Kesaradi Oil FOR FREE with the Kansa Wand! A Signature Blend of Precious Saffron + Rose + 16 Ayurvedic Herbs

Keeping the modern western user in mind, iYURA Kesaradi Oil has been designed to be light and gentle on the skin and have aromatic benefits too. With base oils cooked meticulously with a number of herbs, this is rightly called ‘the beauty elixir’. This precious oil uses the powerful properties of saffron that has been known to:

Give a radiant and smooth skin
Brighten dull skin
Bring about a luminous complexion
Improve face texture
Moisturize dry skin

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