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Giving Intangible Gifts

Bringing back the true meaning of Christmas- Love & Care

Christmas tree

It seems that Christmas has become all about buying the best toys for your kids and most expensive accessories for your significant other. Even though material things are nice, they’re not really true tokens of love and affection. Buying gifts just teaches us that there’s nothing deeper than that during Christmas, which simply isn’t true. In the end, those gifts end up collecting dust and we never use them again.

This season, do something different. Gift your loved one’s experience and love. That’s bound to shape them and show them how much you appreciate them for sure.

1. Give a home-cooked meal

Family meals

Let’s be honest now, how often do you get to cook for the people you love and actually enjoy it during the year? Instead of doing Christmas at your parents’ or your partner’s parents’ house, why not make dinner at your place? Your and your partner’s parents work hard too, and they miss having their kids and grandkids around.

They’ve taken care of you their whole lives, and now it’s your turn to give back. Use your mother’s special recipe and let your dad help you with setting up the oven. Not only will this make the dinner more special, but it will also impress your parents and show them how much you care.

The truth is, parents don’t really care for material Christmas gifts. All they want is to be a part of your life and to see you happy. That’s exactly why giving them a home-cooked meal is the perfect gift this season. The sheer effort and love you put into the meal will make their whole year. On top of all of this, remember that a family that eats together stays together.

2. Giving new experiences

Your friends deserve some love, too. Even if you don’t spend every day together, you’re still up to date with their lives and know exactly what could make their whole year. Instead of giving them something material, give them something that will definitely improve their life. New experiences will definitely help them grow and turn their life for the better.

That friend that’s been talking about meeting someone new should receive dance lessons. That one who’s bored with themselves should get cooking lessons. The one who needs to get out of their comfort zone should be introduced to indoor rock-climbing. Whatever your friends need, there’s surely an experience that will allow them to do it.

Not only will you be a good friend for listening to what they actually need, but you’ll also make a real difference in their lives. They’ll always remember the turning point which made their life go up and the reason they started growing as a person. This is bound to strengthen your relationships, too.

3. The gift of quality time

Christmas is all about family, yet it seems like family always comes last. You may work hard to give your kids the life they deserve, but all they know is that you’re never around. Instead of buying them expensive toys, spend some quality time with your kids.

Take them out for ice cream (who cares if it’s winter, it will be an even more memorable event!), play their favourite games with them, and most importantly- talk to them. Showing your kid that you care about them starts with actively taking an interest in their life and their interests.

Children love Christmas for one other reason than just the whole family being together, though. You might be their idol, but their favourite person at the moment is definitely Santa Clause. Waking up to an empty Christmas tree can and will make your kids sad and make them think they weren’t good this year.

So, even though the primary thing you should gift your kids is love and affection, throwing in children’s Christmas hampers or some other small gift won’t hurt. In fact, it will give you an opportunity to open presents as a family, create cute home movies, and fill the whole day with excitement and laughter. Make some hot cocoa and find a family movie for later, and you’ve got the perfect day ahead of you.

4. Lend a hand

Finally, there’s one other way you can give back. No matter how involved you are with your community, Christmas is the perfect time to give back to it. Your whole life is in your community and the contributions of others let you live the life you love. That’s exactly why you owe it to yourself to contribute to that same community. There are those less fortunate that rely on you and others like you to have a warm and safe Christmas.

There’s no excuse not to lend a hand around this time of year. Volunteering and helping around the community won’t be hard, as there are a lot of volunteering opportunities this time of year. As well as feeling amazing for doing a good deed, you’ll also get to see the heart-warming result of your actions.

Thanks to you, a sad child will finally smile, a homeless person won’t go to bed hungry, and an animal might spend Christmas with their new family. Not only will you be helping the community, but you’ll also get to meet amazing people along the way. This can all make you appreciate life more, making volunteering a gift for you as well as your community.


As you can see, experience and love can prove to be the best gifts you can give to someone you love. Whether it’s your significant other, your friends, or your kids, they’ll be over the moon with the attention and love you showered them with. Working all year means that we don’t have a lot of time to spend with our dearest ones, and Christmas time is the perfect time of year to show them you haven’t forgotten anyone in the chaos that is adult life.


  • I stopped doing stockings. I was doing 5. My 3 children and my son inlaw and daughter inlaw. Now starting after Christmas I start purchasing little things. I wrap everything then layer wrapping with stretch wrap. It becomes a big ball to play a game with. They love it and that is what they look forward to. My children are 37,33 and 17. They all become 10 when playing. It is so funny.

  • I love doing community work Its so true gifts end up collecting dust I remember the fun things that I did with family growing up not what I got for presents

  • Yes, I have the feeling that Christmas has become too materialised. I’m astonished at the gifts kids get now-a-days, people rushing around at the last minute because their child suddenly added something else to their list – pardon me! You can put joy on a person’s face just by being there for them, inviting them around for the evening, the list is endless. I find that kids love to play games, watch movies as a family, simple things give them a lot of pleasure.

  • We feel Christmas is just being with family, we do not buy gifts for each other, and we have a very small family so we just have a meal and play some cards, that is all we need!

  • I agree that these are the gifts that matter. When my children were growing up the highlight of each Christmas was watching for the giving tree to go up and picking a name off of it and then getting a gift from the child’s wish list. They took a lot of time picking out their gift to give and then making a card. One year my daughters both picked Barbie Dolls for the gift and then with their help I sewed a wardrobe for each. It was fun to spend time working together and seeing their excitement in being involved.

  • Kids do want gifts and lots of them, if possible, for Christmas and I understand that, I just don’t understand why some parents shower their kids with expensive gifts. Kids appreciate it when their parents take the time to be with them, play games with them, cuddle with them whilst watching a movie with at home, go for a manicure together etc etc. Time spent with them is so important.

  • Being together and doing things together is my primary reason for liking Christmas ? Plus the fact that there is a certain magical feeling in the air. Your review hit it right on the head about my husband and I don’t really care about the gifts, but we do care about our families being happy and getting what they want! This was pin worthy! Happy Thanksgiving ?

  • Great tips and my favourite is the gift of quality time . I always remember the time spent with family and friends and not necessarily the gifts I’ve received or given .

  • Great tips, I love spending quality time with the kids especially over the holidays where we all have a lot more time. It is those memories that last for the kids and so important for us all

  • All great ideas. We do not exactly exchange gifts in our family. It is more about having a meal together and enjoying each other’s company.

  • I cherish all the time I spend with my family and friends. When we are doing things with out Granddaughter I always feel like we are making memories for her just like the wonderful memories that I have of the times spent with my Grandparents.

  • Thanks so much for these great reminders! It’s important for children to learn that Christmas isn’t just about getting presents. The gift of quality time with family & friends is super important for long lasting and cherished memories that last a life time.

  • such great suggestions I really think that time with friends and family is so special and to build traditions and memories so important!!

  • I really needed to read this post. I love to give and have been focusing on that to much causing myself grief because I feel that what I give isn’t good enough. This year I’m going to change it up and focus more on new traditions and time well spent to create more meaningful memories ?

  • I love this post spending time with family is the best gift If you give a child some skates take them skating I love making snow angels with the children and going sledding

  • I love this post. Christmas is a great time of year to show community spirit. It’s a perfect time to just relax and enjoy our loved ones and Nanaimo Bars.

  • I love to give experience gifts. I take the time to share a night out with my friends and family. Visiting a craft show or taking a walk is precious.

  • These are all great ideas. I like to gift a new game to my son and his family. I remember my mom and dad always spent time playing games with the family as children.

  • Great ideas!! We always make a meal for a neighbor who lives alone, but I think it would be awesome to do more. I would love to make meals and deliver them with our church & get my older kids involved too! I love the giving an experience idea too. I can definitely see how that would be helpful… I have 3 kids and we have a lot of toys, but I would love if a family member gave them an “experience gift.” It would be even more fun if the giver wanted to join us.. maybe like going ice skating or something fun together!

  • Free Spirited MIND lets others build on their future. She knows that time is precious. She also knows that when people meet it is because it is to celebrate and not pity situation. It is about sharing the little to the most of what we can bring on a table and for the lucky ones, under the tree. I enjoy Christmas on my own even surrounded by crowds.

  • My favorite part of Xmas is sharing a fantastic holiday meal with the entire family and some close friends and giving plenty of thanks to God.

  • These are wonderful ideas. My kids are grown now & work long hours & it’s so hard for us all to get together. Maybe some of these ideas will help.

  • I usually give a whole meal when a family has lost a loved one. So I don’t want to worry them showing up at Christmas with a whole meal. Lol

  • Definitely alot of beautiful moments, and great ideas on here. I love the holidays. I love getting the whole family together, seeing the smiles on my children’s face. Its the best time of the year

  • Lending a hand is one of the best gifts you can give someone. That and time. Time is priceless and giving back is so rewarding.

  • My favourite part of Christmas is spending time with family and of course the home cooked meals . We’ve also been trying to give experiences as well instead of just gifts .

  • Every year when my kids were home, we did some kind of community volunteer work, and or shopped together for groceries to donate to the food bank. I still do it on my own and my kids have continued to do so in their adulthood as well.

  • I really enjoyed that post. It is also a great reminder that the non-material gifts are just as important. Showing love, giving attention, and helping others are important too.

  • I can’t tell you how much I love this. I loving spending quality time with my family over the holidays. Nothing fills my heart more. Giving a meal is a lovely idea also!

  • I agree that Lending a Hand in your community is what the holidays are all about. Nothing like bringing happiness into other people’s lives.

  • I honestly feel like the spirit of Christmas is way more than giving presents…its about being present!! spending time with family…reaching out to those around you…do something nice for someone who can never repay you! and dont tell anyone! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • WONDERFUL ideas and a lot of them don’t cost you anything it’s always good to help others no matter how small or big the good deed is.

  • When we’re able, my favourite part of Christmas is giving back. Sending gifts to kids in need or getting our children to chose an extra item of food to add to the cart for the food bank during our Christmas shopping trips. Whatever we can do…we try to bless someone else at Christmastime. I think that’s what it should be about. And Jesus, of course!

  • The gift of quality time is the most important gift you can ever give to your family and your friends ! Good for them and good for you ! Keeps spirits up !

  • Thanks for reminding me that the best Christmas gifts are not the ones purchased at the mall but are the times spent with family and friends doing things they enjoy like taking a walk in the park, playing board games with our grandkids.while sipping hot cocoa or running an errand for an elderly neighbor.

  • Christmas is always a big deal in my family. This year I have ran into a ton of health issues… which unfortunately comes with financial issues. So I have decided to make everyone handmade gifts this year! So far in mason jars I’ve layered all the necessary dry ingredients to make different kinds of cookies, I printed the instructions, and packaged them all nice and tied the recipe to the jars. They look gorgeous, and all the recipients need to do is add and egg, and/or butter (depending on the recipe) and they have yummy homemade cookies… they look so nice in the jars! I must admit I’m pretty impressed with my creativity… besides that I’m looking forward to spending my second Christmas with the love of my life!

  • I know that they are not technically “nitangible” but creative subscription boxes for the kids are much more than a “thing” – they help learning and creativity and keep the kids away from devices and screens!

  • Great post! Great ideas. That is what the Christmas spirit is all about. When we lead by example, and teach our children and grandchildren these kinds of things, it makes for a lifetime of caring and sharing.

  • Home Cooked Meals are a great way to share with family, but also friends and even acquaintances that you know would like to spend time away from their home.

  • we do not exchange gifts anymore with our kids, only the grandkids get a little something. We would rather save the money for a vacation together.

  • This is so true. Take the time to be present, and pay attention, read more stories and play more.

  • My wife and I participate in the Jingle Bell Dog walk each year. This walk benefits our local animal shelter. We also pull tags off the giving tree at my wife’s elementary school. Is is wonderful to shop and give back to these wonderful students.

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