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Outdoor Holiday Decorating Dos and Dont’s

We all love the holiday season and at the onset, we can become delirious with over decorating. Shops are filled with beautiful inside and outside festive decorating ideas and in a frenzy, we buy them all. Holiday displays can become extreme, so we need to find that balance between festively trendy and tacky overkill. So ho, ho, hold on to your impulses and decorate smart this year. Whether you enjoy traditional or more modern decorations, here are a few ideas that will inspire safety and tasteful, stylish and spirited ideas even if they are a bit audacious.

Outside Holiday Decor

outdoor holiday decor

We’ve all had neighbors whose yard is filled to capacity with every color of ornaments and lights. Or maybe you are that neighbor that has to have the most lights on your home. There is no need to over exaggerate the strands of lights hanging from your home… unless you want to be noticed by Santa first. Less is more. Use a color scheme that flows harmoniously instead of mismatched hues that look like an afterthought.

If you are going to use ornaments to embellish your yard, use high-quality accessories that enhance your home instead of looking like a trinket junkyard. Don’t use the blow-up decorations that deflate and look like a pile of rags in your yard. They can blow away easily and get entangled in trees, roofs, power lines or float down the road endangering drivers. Go simple, yet trendy.

Other points to consider are when hanging Christmas lights, do not staple them to your home siding, roof, windows or gutter. They damage your home leaving scars and holes. There are plastic clips for gutters and vinyl siding clips that slip in and out easily without damaging your home.

Don’t overload electric outlets. Do not add a splitter and plug in all your lights whether inside or outside, to one outlet. Ensure there is no faulty wiring, loose connections or damaged sockets. Any one of these issues can cause a fire.

Don’t be brave and hang outside decorations yourself. It’s a good idea to have someone help you lift, carry, mount and hold the ladder. Thousands of people end up in the emergency room because of accidents made by poor decisions.

Don’t leave your lights on all night. It’s costly and the bright lights might not be appreciated by your neighbors. Use a timer and have them shut-off at a decent hour.

outdoor holiday decor

Do decorate the outside of your home early to avoid the hazards of snow, ice, and potential injuries. Many homeowners are adorning their homes with festive lights in early November. Get a jump start on the higher and harder to reach decorating areas and leave ground ornaments for the end of November or early December.

Do make your front door the festive focal point this holiday season. Hang a cheerful wreath the greenery, bold ribbons, and pine cones. Add cinnamon sticks, cloves or a fragrant essential oil that smells like Christmas. You may also want to frame your door with matching garland and lights. There are so many wreath ideas available if you want to make your own, or there are lots of gorgeous premade ready for purchase.

Do decorate pillars and step banisters with matching trim. It adds balance, beauty and lots of curb appeal. Do hang a festive wreath on your outdoor lanterns as well.


  • These are awesome tips I have seen blow-up decorations lying in yards. These decorations looks amazing. I think less is more when decorating

  • I agree that less is better. We have one neighbour here who has his small front garden absolutely filled with blow up Christmas figures. The cost of all these lights etc must be enormous for some.

  • I haven’t decorated the outside of my house in years , but enjoyed helping my son do his for the first time ever .

  • I have recently moved to a condo so a small but beautiful tree that my mother made and decorated with gingerbread men is what I hang on my apartment door. I love it; I hope others do too.

  • I am seriously diggin both the house with ALL the lights and decor (as long as it aint full of all those inflatable things haha) and the really nice elegant home with all their beautiful decor!

  • I love driving around and looking at everyones homes all lit up, I agree some are way to over decorated and it can look junky!

  • Some people just put too much out now and what use to look like a beautiful colourful lights on some houses now looks like they can light the whole planet. I am not a fan of those blow up decorations they are huge and look awful on your lawn when not running.

  • I have minimal decorations outside, the wind tends to blow things away! I have a wreath on the door and big plastic candy canes secured to the railings with some garland, looks festive!

  • Wonderful tips to use when decorating your home will try them soon. We have done the inside not the outside yet but will this week.

  • Great tips! Honestly, I’m just glad the Christmas tree is up. I have no time or energy to decorate the exterior of the house rn, maybe next year….

  • So many practical tips for outdoor decorating! Thanks for sharing. We have pillars around our front porch and decorate them with red bows and boughs of evergreen. That’s the extent of our outdoor decorating.

  • I love having the living room decorated like you’re walking into Christmas itself. Everything above is a go at our house, both dos and don’t.

  • Great tips! I love the less is more motto. We have a strand of lights around our windows, and some on our tree outside. We’re rural, so we do them for us.

  • We have a few homes near us that are always decorated so nice. When I think of overdone I think of Chevy Chase lighting up their house in Christmas Vacation. When my children were young they looked forward to decorating the house inside and outside.

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