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What Does it Mean to Have the Holiday Spirit?

Ask any person what it means to have the Holiday Spirit and you’ll get a range of diverse responses. It means something different to each one of us. The traditional response most give is to be kind, courteous, generous and charitable. I asked my readers what the holiday spirit means to them and here is their feedback.

I recently read an article about an elderly woman had the holiday spirit. She spent months and months knitting hats. She put them in plastic bags and hung them on her fence for those who need a cozy hat. Truly a selfless and loving person.

The holiday spirit means to love and appreciate your family. If you are lucky to have them near you, then you are blessed. If they live or are traveling to another country, it’s painful and deeply sad not to see them as much as we would like. It’s easy to show kindness to strangers, but sometimes we neglect those closest to us. Tell your family how much you love them every day.

The holiday spirit means being present and not living by default. It means stopping and being aware of the beauty of your surrounds. It means reflecting on what you have to be grateful for. It means cherishing the time you have with your loved ones.

The holiday spirit means being selfless and thinking of other’s needs. Volunteering at animal shelters is a touching way to show critters that are often forgotten, that they are special and loved. Consider also volunteering at food banks, soup kitchens, or give a family in need a warm meal, a basket of fruit and a kind smile.

I read an article about an elderly lady who knit 450 blankets and coats for dogs in shelters. She was using her talents to add a little comfort to the precious animals waiting to be adopted. The holiday spirit is soaring in this lovely individual.

The holiday spirit moves me to knit hats, scarves, and mittens. I visit schools, daycares and senior lodges and give these warm items to those who really need them. It’s a joy to see them so happy over such small items.

I live near a senior complex and to me, the holiday spirit isn’t confined to one season. I visit the seniors once or twice a week and spend time with them. Sometimes I read to them, or we’ll put a puzzle together. Other times I’ll take them for a walk around the park.

My son has the holiday spirit. Every winter he shovels the sidewalks of several of our senior neighbors. He doesn’t do it for money, he does this because it’s kind. He’s concerned about them getting injured or breaking bones. He’s only twelve and has the biggest heart in our family. We’re so proud of him.

Share below what the holiday spirit means to you!


  • I’m already in the holiday spirit having all my cards ready to mail and gifts for everyone not in my immediate family are already wrapped!! I was singing “Let it Snow” to my teenage son yesterday and I got a smile. It’s beginning.

  • having the grandkids around with their energy, believing and excitement brings holiday spirit to me, baking, shopping, seeing Santa, just looking at all the festive lights and displays. I take them and we pick names off the Angel tree and go shopping for special gifts !

  • I do believe that being in the holiday spirit is all about giving , it’s true it’s better to give than receive. It just makes you feel great and your heart is full ! Lots of smiling when some are grumpy , share your spirit and help them gain some happiness .

  • For me holiday spirit has to do with my family. We have a small family but for me it is the time spent with them that makes the holiday a happy time for me. I enjoy it when we spend time together and catching up because life is so busy.

  • Holiday Spirit to me is about the joy and anticipation that I feel as the Holidays are approaching and during the Christmas season. I love spending time with my family and this is the time of the year when we all plan to be together. Decorating, watching Christmas movies, listening to carols, wrapping presents , as well as enjoying meals together are all part of what makes this time of the year so special.

  • To me, the holiday spirit means thinking of others. I love baking cookies and giving them to my grown kids, and grandchildren. I love making ornaments and watching the grandkids look at them in awe and wonder. I love making dinner for the whole family, and making memories, taking photographs. I love when the grandchildren go through their toys that they’ve outgrown, and then we donate them. It’s just about being kind, and generous. The Christmas spirit is what we should have all year long.

  • I think it means to go out of your way to be kind to other people. It also a reminder to celebrate life & remember the past.

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