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Ayurveda Cyber Monday Deals

More and more people are becoming discerning about the products they put on our skin and hair. Harsh and toxic chemicals can have a devastating effect on our whole body. That is why many are opting for the Ayurveda Experience product line made from the highest quality ingredients. This holiday season, give the gift of Ayurveda.

Most of us fuss about our faces, but what about our hair? Now is the perfect time to nourish your hair and body with iYura products, especially at these low Black Friday prices!


Get a FREE limited edition iYURA Glow-Drop Bag on every purchase over $100!

Presenting: a limited edition indulgently exotic-looking Kalamkari evening-clutch cum daytime sling bag: the iYURA Glow-Drop Bag. A beautiful expression of luxuriant taste and impeccable quality.

Hair! Long beautiful, healthy, shiny hair! We all want gorgeous, thick, lustrous hair. The Ayurveda Experience has three formulas that will clean, nourish our scalps with moisture-drenched, silk-textured strands with Ayurveda’s ancient, formulas for beautiful hair!

Ayurveda hair

The Head Turner Trio for those who desire Lustrous Skin and Luscious Hair! Get a beautiful box with 3 travel-sized oils for the price of 1 full oil. Ideal for gifting, sampling or showcasing beautiful artwork on your dresser. An out-of-the-box gift idea for the holidays!

Ayurveda hair

For Voluminous, Bouncy, Shiny Hair
Unlike most lab-concocted, chemical-based products, this pure Ayurvedic elixir brings more life into the years of your hair with every single use as you go along. Regular use of these beauty-drops for your hair will give it more volume and strength. Here’s to beautiful, soft and shiny, luscious locks!

Ayurveda hair

Extra Soft Hair, Embarrassment-Free Scalp
It provides intense Ayurvedic nourishment to your scalp as well as the hair shaft. It gives a dry or congested scalp the cleanliness and moisture it requires in the same go. An intense vegan formula that gets rid of the need to dig your nails into your scalp, and calms it down naturally. 

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