Play-Doh Tootie the Unicorn & Color Burst

Give a child some Play-Doh compound and they will instinctively begin constructing a masterpiece. Parent approved and kid-friendly Play-Doh is a non-toxic, non-staining reusable sensory toy that ignites creativity and encourages young imaginations to flourish. Kids love the feel, texture, and colors of this arts and crafts pliable putty-like mixture. And Hasbro has created lots of playsets that allow kids to express their ingenuity, like the Tootie the Unicorn Ice Cream Set.

Tootie the Unicorn Ice Cream Set

Play-Doh Tootie the Unicorn

The Play-Doh Tootie the Unicorn Ice Cream Playset will have kids enjoying the role play of whipping up ice cream cones, sundaes and toppings galore. This enchanting playset comes with:
Unicorn Arch
Shape rail
Ice cream cone
2 Dishes
Knife and spoon
(1) 4 oz swirled Play-Doh
(2) 2 oz solid colored purple and blue Play-Doh

Tootie sits on top of a cloud that is on top of a sparkling blue rainbow-like arch. The arch and the base have lots of fun molds that kids can add to their ice cream creations. The Shape Rail has four designs, so make your selection and slide the rail under the cloud before you start your outrageous frozen inventions.

To begin, lift Tootie’s colorful mane, add the Play-Doh compound and press down. Kids will love the fart and music sounds that are emitted while pressing down. There are a variety of these sounds, all of which will spark a kid’s humor and compel them to keep pressing and pressing. Tooties eyes will roll up and her legs will move, kinda implying she is having a bowel movement. Even funnier is that the Play-Doh is extruded out of the Unicorns… butt! Yes, the Unicorn poops out ice cream! With lots of giggles and silliness, kids will have a blast creating magical treats with this interactive toy. The toy comes with 2 AAA demo batteries, so most likely you’ll need to replace them soon. Recommended for kids 3+ and retails for around $20.

Play-Doh Color Burst

The Play-Doh Color Burst compound adds a whole new dimension to working with multi-colors. The set comes with four – 2 oz tubs of speckle infused Play-Doh and a roller. The Play-Doh starts out with a solid color and lots of contrasting colored speckles. But the more your work the dough, it transitions from a speckled to a swirled marbled look to a solid. It’s magic! The back of the box illustrates the color transitions. So, if you like the marble look, roll it out and make something fun. Maybe have Tootie poop out some marbled parlor treats. Or it can be used with any other Play-Doh set. More Play-Doh means more imaginative fun!

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