Love to Crochet Craft Books

Crocheting is one of my favorite crafts to engage in. I truly love it and need to crochet something every day. It’s not only enjoyable, versatile and productive, but crocheting also relieves depression, reduces stress, anxiety, and restlessness and builds confidence. I think this goes for any craft; they’re all constructive, beneficial and soothing to one’s spirit.

Although I have an enormous amount of patterns and crochet craft books, I never stop adding new ones to my collection. They inspire me to create beautiful items that are so much fun to make. If you’re looking for new ideas or incentives to crochet, these books will motivate, ignite or renew your passion for crocheting.

500 Crochet Stitches

500 Crochet Stitches

If you love crocheting, the 500 Crochet Stitches, The Ultimate Crochet Stitch Bible is a must-have resource. It’s filled with gorgeous stitches that can be used for so many projects. It’s divided into 5 chapters, Tools & Equipment, Starting Off, Basic Stitches, Motifs, and Edging & Trims.

The onset of the book walks you through the tools and equipment you’ll need, which is basically hooks and yarn. It shares hook sizes in US and metric, stitch symbol diagrams and shows how to create all the stitches you’ll need to make the included patterns with illustrative diagrams. Ever hear of Solomon’s Knot? I haven’t heard it called by that name, but know it as the Love Knot. It’s a dainty stitch that is great for an open lacey look.

All the stitches feature a full-color photo, written instructions and a stitch diagram for those who like to follow a graph. Some of the stitches included are the Crown puff lattice, Embossed pockets, Hotcross bun stitch, Diagonal shell stitch, Carpetbag stitch, and Interlocking shell stitch. Some of the motifs included are the Daisy cluster square, Spandrel motif, Floribunda, and Frozen Star. If you’re looking for edgings, then you’ll enjoy the beautiful varieties. Make the Picot edging, Beaded pintuck, Floral diamonds, Fan frills, Flower border and so many more. With over 500 different crochet stitches, the mix and match potential are endless.

40 Colorful Afghans to Crochet

40 Colorful Afghans to Crochet

Afghans are some of the prettiest creations to make, but most of us want to expand beyond the basic granny square. 40 Colorful Afghans to Crochet features a number of attractive throws for those who want to learn more creative granny-squares and row-by-row patterns. With numerous eye-catching color combinations and stitch variations, you can create a unique afghan like no other.

The book is divided into three chapters, Afghan Collection, Edgings, and Techniques. If you’re new to crocheting or want to familiarize yourself with the stitch symbols, skip to the back of the book and pour over the Techniques section. It covers symbols and abbreviations, materials, notions, basic stitches, special stitches, colorwork and so much more.

Each pattern includes a full-color photo, skill-level indicator, written instructions, and an easy to follow chart. It also includes a symbol key, hook size, type of yarn, gauge, if it’s reversible, and a color swatch. Some patterns share if there is a special stitch included, along with how-to instructions. Some of the afghan patterns Baby Diamond, Dazzling Daisy, Band of Hearts and Lily Pad. Finish off your creation with one of the included edgings. This book is a perfect addition to my collection.

Clever Crochet Squares

Clever Crochet Squares

The Clever Crochet Squares book features dramatic and artistic Swedish inspired granny-square and mosaic patterns. Filled with a plethora of harmonious colors, you can create afghans with optical effects. The contents include Crochet Hooks, Stitches, Changing Colors, Assembly and Projects. The book then goes right into all the included patterns.

Each pattern includes a full-color photo, materials needed, and colored charts. The written instructions are not the typical row by row directions. Instead, they guide you through using the charts, which are fairly easy to follow. Some patterns will also include alternative color schemes and project ideas. Instructions are also given on how to join your squares in ways that create visual interest. It’s a unique craft book to have if you’re looking to create innovative afghans.

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