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With school being out for some time now and looking bleak for the rest of the year, the onus is on parents to keep some scholastic skills up to par or tolerably close to it. One of those subjects is reading. It’s easy for kids to become lazy or reluctant to pick up a book, so we need to inspire them with a variety of interesting storybooks. Fresh titles just may encourage them to crack one open. Here are a couple of new releases I added to our family collection, and they are adorable.

Charlie & Mouse Outdoors

Charlie & Mouse Outdoors

Charlie & Mouse Outdoors is a beautifully illustrated book about two irresistible little brothers. Charlie & Mouse is a book series for beginner readers and this title is their next release. The boys are going camping so the book is divided into four adventurous chapters. Each chapter is filled with captivating illustrations and is just the right length for young readers.

* Boring
* The Hike
* Kittens
* The Fire
Charlie & Mouse Outdoors

Filled with vivid imaginations, unimaginable adventures, and lots of love, this book will enchant young readers to turn each page in anticipation. It’s perfect for your family library.

Little Cheetah’s Shadow

Little Cheetah's Shadow

Little Cheetah’s Shadow is a sweet little story about a Cheetah who lost his shadow. The Cheetah’s shadow has always followed him no matter where he went, but today, his shadow is nowhere to be found. When he finds his shadow, he discovers that his shadow feels left out and never gets to go where he wants to.

Little Cheetah's Shadow

The Cheetah has sympathy and empathy and makes a big decision that added a different perspective about his shadow. It’s a great story about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and walking their walk for a day. It teaches kids to be understanding, to have compassion for others, and that sometimes it’s important to put others first.

Claris, Bonjour Riviera

Claris Bonjour Riviera

Claris Bonjour Riviera is an enchanting story about a sweet little mouse named Claris. She just moved into a posh new apartment in Paris where a nice couple (Madame) and their daughter (brat) live. Claris is living her dream as a clothing designer and enjoying the experience with her cat friend Monsieur — he knows everything about fashion. One day Madame gets an invite to the coveted Fashion Week and she was extremely excited. This inspired Claris to race back to her atelier and create stunning and glamorous mouse attire. She’s got the couture savvy and the designs just come pouring out.

Claris Bonjour Riviera

The day that Madame and her brat daughter were leaving for the Fashion Week event, Claris noticed they forgot their invitation. No invitation, no admittance. Madame would be embarrassed so Claris, along with Monsieur decide to find a way to Fashion Week and get the ticket to her. What an adventure, from flower bike to harrowing Dior scooter ride to a handbag hijack, they made it and slipped the ticket into Madames purse without her knowing. But, there was one more surprise! This storybook is drenched in a Parisienne ambience, the illustrations, the colors, and the darling little characters. Très belle!  It’s a wonderful book for a family library.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


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  • I have 2 kids who are at home now due to COVID-19 and we can really use some new books! Thank you for the chance.

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  • Little Cheetah’s Shadow looks and sounds amazing. If I won these, I’d be thrilled. We have been working with our youngest for a bit now, t teaching how important it is to think about the other person’s point of view too, not just your own. We’re doing different experiments that give her a chance to put herself in the other person’s shoes and then decide if she’d change how she first thought to react.

  • My 2YO grandson loves books, we can spend hours reading. He would love to have a few more books!

  • I’ve been helping watch my 8 year old and 19 month old grandsons since March 22nd, so both parents can work from home full time. Plus my SIL is going to law school full time. The youngest grandson loves sitting in my lap and reading his board books and knows them by name. He also likes to read longer books and his older brother likes reading his old books to him, too. The illustrations fit well with the wording in these books and I like the stories.

  • I would love to win these books to add to our collections as they are about exploring different places as we are currently all staying home, they can read about other places.

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