28 Days To A New You

The world we have created is a product of your thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking. Albert Einstein

Have you ever wanted to transform parts of your life but you weren’t sure where to start? Perhaps you have a nagging feeling that something is missing or off in your life. We can go to a gym to work out our bodies and change our shape but where do we go to modify, refine, enhance or nurture our emotional or spiritual care? Personally, I’ve had an unrelenting feeling like I’m not whole like I’m missing out on something but just can’t put my finger on it. All things are connected so if one area of your life is weak or underdeveloped, it’s going to affect the other areas. I came across a fabulous book that I found inspiring and I think you will too.

28 Days To A New You was lovingly written by Shelly Wilson who is an Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher. Her mission is to assist and support others on their own personal odyssey where they will learn to reflect and live an authentic life.

This book will take you on a spiritual introspection where you will be challenged to speak your truth and put it to paper through journaling. It’s a book that allows you to be totally self-absorbed with you, to explore you, and hopefully realize your true potential and unlimited power.

It is believed that it takes 21 days to change or develop different habits. It was just recently I heard that it actually takes 31 days, but either way you will be a different person at the end of the 28 Days To A New You.

I really enjoyed the way the book is set up. Each day for 28 days you have a private lesson that will encourage you to dig deep and feel your answers. Each day focuses on a different topic. Day 1 is entitled Loving You. The first step in becoming a new you is loving you. You must first learn to love yourself for who you are before you can begin to change.” I thought this opening line was so profound. How many of us criticize ourselves? I’m too fat, I’m too slow, I’m too dumb, I’m too…..!! What does our self-talk say about how we feel about ourselves? Is it saying, love? It’s a great lesson.

Each day begins with a positive quote for you to ponder over. Then there is the lesson followed by questions to consider and then ending with a message to uplift. Some of the lessons will resonate with you, others may not. I found that if I read a lesson that just didn’t feel right that day, I could go back a week or two later and my perception was different so the words felt different. There are no rules to follow and no obligation to get the book done in 28 days. Sometimes you just might need to meditate on one subject. For me it was day four, Identifying Your Desires, I redid the questions several times and really listened to how my body reacted to my answers. I was even more aware of the words I used. You will be very surprised and perhaps a little unnerved on how much and what you’ll learn about yourself.

This delightful esoteric book is bursting with profound wisdom, guidance and advice. It’s all about taking control of your life and being accountable for everything you attract into your life. This is done gently by taking small steps, making small changes, and overcoming what may seem like large challenges. Open your heart and mind and allow the new you to emerge. I find I’m more aware of my environment and actually living in the present. I love this book!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.