280 Japanese Lace Stitches

Knitting is no longer deemed an elderly hobby. More and more younger kids, both male and female, are learning the handcrafted art of knitting. There are so many positive attributes to learning how to knit. It’s a constructive and productive hobby that is fun and relaxing. There are so many things you can make with the basic stocking and purl stitch. But for those who want to advance their skills and learn new stitches and techniques, there are lots of knitting books on the market. I found an excellent book called 280 Japanese Lace Stitches from Tuttle Publishing. It’s a dictionary of gorgeous openwork patterns that can be used in endless projects.

280 Japanese Lace Stitches

280 Japanese Knitting Stitches is a compendium of patterns from a number of out-of-print books. In addition to lace, you’ll find some cables, waves, leaves, diamonds, circles, and crossed stitches, but the focal point is on patterns created by yarnovers and decreases. But if you are a newbie to knitting, this book may be challenging. It’s designed with the experienced knitter in mind. But with that said, challenge yourself to amp up your skills. Here’s what you find inside.

Sample Projects

Rectangular Shawl in Leaf Pattern
Long Cowl in Wave Pattern
Triangular Striped Shawl
Handwarmers with Circle Pattern
Short Cowl
Silk and Cotton Arm Covers
Strip-textured Shawl
Triangular Mohair Shawl

Patterns for the Projects

Flower Stitch Patterns
Leaf Stitch Patterns
Geometric Forms
Lines and Linear Patterns
Waves and Zigzags
How to Work the Stitch Symbols
Yarn Used in This Book
Reading and Using the Stitch Charts

What is unique about this book is that there are no written instructions. None of the stitches are named either but rather have a number instead. All patterns are in the form of charts that uses symbols to represent specific knitting stitches. At the bottom of each chart, you will find the keys that define each stitch for that particular pattern. The Stitch Symbol Keys are located at the back of the book. As you pour through the book you’ll see that each stitch features the symbol with a step-by-step illustrative tutorial. Until you are familiar with the keys, you will be referring to this page often.

If you haven’t worked with stitch pattern charts before, the onset of the book provides easy-to-understand detailed instructions. It’s essential that you read and wrap your head around this information first. In addition to the stitches, you’ll also find several projects you can make.

Each pattern provides an easy-to-follow chart and a finished full-color swatch so you can see the end results. All the stitches are graceful and elegant and make look a little intimidating. But, with a little practice, they will be a snap to create. For those ready to embrace new knitting stitches, this book is a must-have.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary books to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.