300 Best Homemade Candy Recipes

Candy is one of those additives loves we have a clandestine affair with. Everyone has their favorites from ooey and gooey toffees to rich and creamy fudge to crunchy and munchie brittle. My family and I are no different, we each have our own favorites. Where I live, there are a few stores totally devoted to candies and sweet treats, nostalgic and present day. People have a passion for candy and many make their own. As a teen, I tried making my own candy but sadly failed on those attempts. It’s only recently that I thought it would be so nice to make my own candy for my family and for gift giving. I got a new cookbook that has completely motivated me, 300 Best Homemade Candy Recipes.

As I read through the intro of this book, author Jane Sharrock explains why she became a candy maker and wrote this book; I was deeply touched. There are generations of recipes passed down in this cookbook, and Jane has lovingly honored her mom by creating this awesome collection for you and your families!!

300 Best Homemade Candy Recipes is bursting with blueprints of sweetness, you’ll learn to make brittles, caramels, chocolates, fudge, truffles, nougats, and so, so, much more. It offers an abundance of delicious mouth-watering colored images that will inspire you to give it a try. At the beginning of the book, there are training images that walk you through several processes like making fudge to making ultra-creamy fondant. I found this really helpful.

When I reflect back at my attempts at making candy, I recall how complicated and time consuming the recipes were. This cookbook will set your mind and stress level at ease. The instructions are easy to follow and are written with minimum steps to guide you successfully on your first attempt.

I remember Peanut Brittle being one of my favorite treats as a kid. A relative of ours used to make it and bring a batch whenever she visited. I never saw it in the stores, and I think it could be due to its short shelf life. Thankfully, I found several easy to follow and make brittle recipes in this cookbook, and on my first attempt, I was triumphant! The brittle I liked the best is the Farmer’s Market Brittle, it’s a no-fail recipe.

In about 30 minutes I had this brittle made and cooling on a baking sheet. It was so easy and actually turned out like it’s supposed to. It tastes great alone, or you can break it into tiny pieces, and it sprinkles on ice cream.

I actually made this brittle several times and discovered you can add anything to the mixture to switch it up. If you want a creamier brittle, just add more butter. If you want some color, add some chopped up jujubes. With this recipe as a base, you will never go wrong. Another recipe we really loved is the Peanut Butter Date Balls. These required a little more work, but everyone loved them.

If you’re a fudge fan, then this book is positively for you. There’s a whole section just on the different kinds of fudge you can create. There’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudges, Marshmallow & Marshmallow Cream Chocolate Fudges, Other Chocolate Fudges, Peanut Butter Fudges, Two Flavored Fudges, Penuches, and lastly a sublime selection of unique fudges like Hawaiian Fudge, Coffee Fudge, to Pumpkin Fudge. They all sound divine!

As I explore this cookbook, I’m thinking about all the events I have coming up during the summer months. How nice it would be to show up at someone’s home with a tray of homemade yumminess. We have a picnic planned in a few weeks, and we’ll be making and taking along the Butterscotch Nut Marshmallows. And, although it’s still the onset of summer, I’m already thinking about gift-giving. Christmas or any occasion can be that much sweeter with one or more of these luscious recipes. Or, you may want to give this book as a gift as well. I adore this cookbook, and I’m so glad it’s part of my culinary collection. It’s opened up a whole new area where my little family members and I can bond and create lots of loving memories!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.