300 Best Stir Fry Recipes Review

I’m huge on making one pot, one pan, one dish meals so naturally, I resonate with stir fries. They’re a fun and innovative part of our menu repertoire. I’ve created umpteen recipes, but sometimes I get a culinary block and need some new ideas to inspire me. 300 Best Stir-Fry Recipes is the newest cookbook to reach my home and it’s bursting with flavorful and creative dishes.

Stir-frying is an awesome technique that adds so much variety to our meals. You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to whip up an amazing and delicious dish.

This cookbook is really simplified and easy to follow so all your dishes will turn out successful. The beginning of the book offers us valuable tips to get your kitchen stir-fry ready, including some equipment suggestions. If you don’t have a wok, a deep skillet will meet the requirements perfectly.

There are 12 scrumptious chapters to peruse:
Ham, Sausage, Lamb & Roasted Meats
Fish & Seafood
Meatless Mains
Vegetable Sides
Fried Rice
Rice, Grains & Other Sides

Each chapter has over 25 delectable recipes that will bring out the inner chef. One of the first things I like to do is savor over the vivid and mouth-watering images. Many times I will make a recipe because the photo compels me.

I happen to adore meatless and vegetable stir fry’s, so I checked them out first. I found that I wanted to make them all. I was really impressed with the assortment of different food combinations, like Crisp Tofu and Cucumbers in Barbeque Sauce. It was so delicious. Below is a recipe from the Pork Chapter, but I left out the pork and added some mushrooms.

All the chapters offer nutritious concoctions that feel satisfying. The different flavors harmoniously create a dish worth remaking. If you don’t have an ingredient, or if you don’t like it, substitute it with something more palatable. That’s the fun with stir-fries, anything goes. This cookbook is a perfect addition to my culinary collection.

Disclaimer: I received product for review only, the opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.