300 Sensational Soups

January and February are usually the coldest months of the year and nothing is more inviting than a cozy home and a bowl of delicious hot soup. Growing up my mom always made homemade soups that were so tasty and loaded with healthy veggies. With the deluge of processed foods on the market, many have opted for this easy convenience because of their busy lifestyle. Some might feel it takes too much time and effort to make soup from scratch, but does it? My new book 300 Sensational Soups has made these cold months all steaming hot and cozy.

300 Sensational Soups is a compendium of culinary creations that will have you300 sensational soup recips whipping up some amazing meals in no time. I’ve never been very good at making my own soup stock so I was happy this book has fourteen different soup stock recipes. My favorites are the Vegetable stock and the Roasted Vegetable stock. You wouldn’t think there would be too much difference in the taste but there is. The soup stock can be frozen so it’s handy for those hectic days.

300 Sensational Soups is loaded with recipes that include lots of fresh veggies, beans, cheese, meat, chicken, and fish. There are also chowders, chilled and dessert soups. Need ideas on jazzing up your soups? Peruse the chapter on toppings and garnishes for a host of clever ideas.

The selection is so vast it was a challenge to decide which soup to make first. My mother makes divine borscht and we love it. I found a Borscht recipe in this book that beckoned to be made. The recipe called for a few ingredients that were different from my mom’s recipe like red wine vinegar and liquid honey. The results were a vibrant colored and incredibly delicious soup. I mixed the sour cream with an avocado and some garlic that really enhanced the flavor of the borscht. It was very easy to make and lunch was served in no time.

The kids in my family are huge fans of mac and cheese. I was overjoyed to find the Mac and Cheese Soup with Bacon Croutons. I altered the recipe a bit to fit a vegans preference and it was absolutely mouthwatering. The kids were ecstatic. The recipe calls for 4 cups of Old Cheddar, but I put in one cup of four different kinds of cheese and the favors were very inviting. Use whatever cheese you have in the fridge and it’s easy to come up with so many combinations. Instead of garnishing with bacon bits I used green onions. This recipe is going to be regularly made in my home. My family loves it and wants it once a week. They would eat it every day if I made it. We’ve tried several of the Cheese soups and my family loved everyone. They are hearty gooey soups you just can’t get enough of.

There are recipes from your down-home tastes to more elaborate refined fancy soups. I’m trying to expand our taste buds by trying out new recipes that use ingredients that I don’t typically use. It’s a lot of fun and rewarding to see your family enjoying your new meal creations.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.