4 Ways To Add More Humidity To Your Home Without a Humidifier

Winter weather has a penchant for removing a lot of moisture from our skin. Its dry, frigid, and brittle temperatures can cause our skin to flake, itch, crack and even bleed. Plus, other symptoms like chapped lips, dry throat and irritated sinuses can make life miserable. While drinking lots of clean water has a very positive effect on our skin, we still may need more moisture. One way to deal with this is by putting more humidity in our homes. Using a humidifier is a natural, easy and quick solution, but there are things we can do in our home to increase humidity without the use of this appliance.

Add Some Houseplants

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One of the best ways to increase indoor humidity is to add some houseplants throughout your home. Through a process called evapotranspiration, plants release moisture up from their root and through their leaves into our air space. Spider plants, English Ivy, Boston Fern, Rubber plants, Bamboo and Areca Palm, and many other plants will increase the humidity in your home. It’s suggested that plants with large, broad leaves will provide a greater humidifying effect in your home. Plants also add greenery and beauty to your home and have a plethora of other health benefits. If you have pets, ensure the plants you add to your home are pet-friendly and safe.

Leave Open Containers of Water to Evaporate

Another way to add moisture into your home is by allowing containers full of water to evaporate. To prevent spills, place these bowls, saucers, or jars of water on higher surfaces. Placing them on window sills that get lots of gorgeous sunlight is ideal as it will warm the water and help it evaporate faster. If your home happens to have radiators, you can place bowls of water on them to increase moisture.

Boil Some Water

Steaming kettle on stove - Pixabay

One of the simplest ways to add more humidity into your living space is by boiling a pot of water. Leave the lid off and allow the steam to permeate throughout your home. Be careful! Never leave anything on the stove without constant supervision. Set a timer to ensure you check your water level at all times.

Shower Steam

Showers fill up the bathroom with lots of hot steam. Instead of keeping your door closed, leave it open to allow the steam to flow through the rest of the house. If you enjoy hot steamy baths, allow the water to cool naturally as the moisture evaporates and then drain.

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