5 Simple & Fun Things To Do With Your Kids on Valentine’s Day

February 14th always conjures up images of all things lovey-dovey. The iconic box of chocolates, a bundle of flowers, cards that express our love, and romance are considered the norm for Valentine’s Day. But it’s not just about adults, kids love Valentine’s Day too. There are a lot of fun things we can do with our children to celebrate this endearing day. And they don’t have to cost a lot!

Bake Together

young girl baking heart shaped cookies

Kids love to get in the kitchen and help mom whip up some scrumptious cookies. Shape your cookies with Valentine-themed cookie cutters, like hearts, arrows and keys. Then decorate them with special frosting shapes and pretty sprinkles.

Have a Tea Party

little girl having a tea party with her teddy bear outside

Decorate your dining room with paper hearts, pink, red and white streamers and maybe some doilies. Pull out some fancy cups and saucers and decorate the table with pretty napkins. Make a big pot of delicious tea, we like to serve hot chocolate instead, and serve your guests. Plate up some dainty sandwiches and your freshly baked cookies on a two-tier snack tray. Make special invitations and invite a few friends over. Or maybe it’s just family and teddy bears only at this tea party.

Make Valentine Crafts

Kids, children, doing Valentine's day arts and crafts with hearts, pencils, paper

There is nothing so special as receiving a handmade Valentine’s Day card from your children. There are a lot of free printables on the web that kids can design themselves. Or they can use their vivid imaginations and enjoy making their own. Bring out your crafting paper, patterned paper, glue, ribbons, embellishments, shaped paper punches, paints, crayons, sculptured scissors, straws, feathers, beads, felt, chenille stems, buttons, stickers… and the list goes on. Kids will have a blast and you’ll have a keepsake to treasure forever.

Games and Puzzles

Family working on a puzzle together

Spend some time putting together a large puzzle that’s interesting and will resonate with your kids. Animals and cartoons go over very well in our home. We found that everyone wants to sit facing the puzzle, so what we do is rotate seats every thirty minutes. This way everyone has a different view and fresh eyes. There are lots of love inspired jigsaw puzzles on the market for all ages groups. Working on a jigsaw puzzle has many benefits. It lowers stress levels, increases your IQ, improves your memory and problem-solving abilities, hones visual-spatial reasoning, puts you in a zen space and it’s great to do as a family or alone.

Capture the Day

Kids making silly faces

Pull out your instant camera and capture spontaneous moments throughout the day. Kids love posing for the camera and sharing a variety of expressions and action moves. They will also get a kick out of watching the photos develop and admire their vogue poses. Kids can take these photos and make a personalized collage or two and hang them on their bedroom wall. It’s a lot of fun and the day is memorialized forever.


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