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50 Plants That Heal Card Deck

With the winter season approaching, it is important to keep our immune system strong and healthy. Drink lots of water, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and take clean supplements. Some families have health-inspired encyclopedias, almanacs, and other resources to consult when they do not feel good. It’s good to have something on hand that you can reference daily if needed. I recently found a deck of cards that focuses on 50 common medicinal plants that can be used as herbal remedies. 50 Plants That Heal will share how to use these plants for healing and self-care.

50 Plants That Heal

50 Plants That Heal Card Deck

The 50 Plants That Heal card deck is beautifully illustrated. On one side of each card is stunning photography of each plant. The other side shares the name of the plant, a description, its active elements, a list of its benefits and methods of use.

Included in the deck is a ¬†booklet, that features a plethora of information. It shares useful tips for harvesting and preserving plants while being a consciously environmentally responsible picker. The healing properties of each plant are explained and there’s a glossary of botanical terms to ensure that everything is clear for complete beginners.

50 Plants That Heal Deck
50 Plants That Heal Cards

Did you know that the strawberry plant’s roots and leaves can be used to treat kidney and bladder ailments? And is useful for rheumatism and gout! Did you know that Leeks can be used for acute and chronic inflammation? Cherries are recommended for people with high blood pressure, gout, and rheumatism. Thyme is a stimulant that boosts energy and physical strength and awakens digestive functions. Figs are easy to digest and have laxative qualities that can treat constipation. Did you know that dandelion works well on cellulite?

The card stock is nice and thick and has a semi-gloss appearance. The images are photographs that show you different angles and cycles of growth from seeds to a full-grown plant. More and more people are connecting with Mother Earth and using her plants as herbal remedies. The deck offers so much educational healing information that it would make a great how-to resource year-round.

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