52 Small Changes for the Mind

Making any kind of lifestyle or habit changes can be overwhelming if we dive headfirst into the experience, especially if we have lots we want to refine. Taking small steps is more productive and manageable. My newest book, 52 Small Changes For The Mind is about changing one small thing at a time.

Let’s face it, if we decide to change everything we don’t like about ourselves right away, we will quickly abandon the process. 52 Small Changes encourages us to make one small change a week so that a year later we are a happier and healthier person. These changes are applied specifically to improving our mental well-being.

The book covers the mind, body, and spirit collectively. If one is out of balance, it will offset the others and create inconsistency, a gap, a tangible imbalance in our lives. Appreciating the effect each change can have on our well-being and enjoying the process is key to a lasting and permanent result.

Here are a few examples of changes we can make in our daily lives that may surprise you. One is Make Time For Music Each Day: this is something I do not do. They suggest putting some agreeable music on while cleaning your home, cooking, driving or exercising. They also suggest taking music outside, but I disagree with this,┬ápersonally. I go outside because I want to absorb the sounds of nature, not man-made noise. But, that’s just me.

Another change is Eat Brain-Boosting Fruits and Vegetables. This time of year, the holidays are filled with everything that is might be deemed unhealthy. But added a few ingredients in your day will at least create some nutritional balance. Beets and beet juice are known to improve focus and concentration and ward off memory loss.

Each change has lots of constructive advice, and some do’s and don’t’s that make application easy and enjoyable. As we go through this book and apply each step weekly, we’ll be amazed at how gradual our lives reflect these changes.

I love books and I think they make ideal gifts. This book is about being open-minded and embracing these positive and life-altering changes. It’s a fabulous book and well worth reading. Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.

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