5G, a Communication System or Weapon System

5G towers are being installed by the millions across the country to power up the latest, greatest and fastest cell phone technology. Our cities are being inundated with these 5G signal towers which means we will be exposed to wireless RF radiation 24/7/365. 5G technology uses phased array antennas that direct its beam in a specific direction, which means more exposure in a smaller area. So if you happen to walk into the path of a beam, it will go right through your body! Plus, these 5G beams can also be directed or focused on a specific target at the telecom provider’s discretion. And, we have no say in it!

Telecommunications 5G towers in early morning sky

Here is the shocking part, no research has been done to discern if 5G technology is safe, nor do telecom executives plan on doing any. But as prudent citizens, we need to ask if there are any legitimate health concerns we need to be aware of. Turns out, there are!

5G, a Massive Mistake on Humanity

High-speed bandwidth and high-frequency short wavelengths allow a lot of data to be transmitted, but at what cost? Environmentalists, scientists, doctors, and concerned people are aware of 5G’s harmful effects and are demanding an urgent stop to the distribution of the 5G technology. With more than 10,000 scientific studies conducted by independent researchers globally, they have absolutely demonstrated the harmful effects of wireless radiation on human biology.

Let me repeat, wireless radiation has been proven extremely harmful to the human body and can cause significant health problems. It can penetrate your brain and cause brain tumors, especially if you’re holding your cell phone next to your head! In fact, it will impair everything in your body from your organs to bones to your blood. Yes, your heart, kidneys, reproductive organs, or even your eyes can be damaged if they cross paths with a 5G beam.

Mass Poisoning with 5G Radiation

What are some of the harmful effects of wireless radiation? The list is long and horrific, so we need to find ways to protect ourselves.

  • Cognitive function
  • Neurological damage
  • Damaged DNA and altered genes
  • Brain tumors and other cancers
  • Pernicious effects on fetal and newborn development
  • Pernicious effects on young children
  • Behavioral changes
  • Learning and memory impairment
  • Ear impairment
  • Eye damage
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Serotonin levels affected
  • Increased blood pressure levels
  • Impaired reproductive tract and sperm count and function
  • Weakened immune system
  • And so much more!

How Can We Protect Ourselves?

Aulterra Logo and slogan

There are several products on the market that will protect you from EMFs – electromagnetic frequencies. As I find these companies, I will be sharing their products so you can protect your home and your family. One great company I found is Aulterra. Aulterra Global is a leader in the production of products that protect individuals from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. You can find a selection of their products HERE.

Alterra EMF protection family pack

The Aulterra Family Pack includes 1 Aulterra Whole House USB, 1 Aulterra Whole Car USB, and 1 Aulterra Neutralizer Tri-Pack. Protecting our families from the harmful exposure and effects of EMF is an investment in their health and lives.

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