60 More Quick Baby Blankets to Knit

The holidays are a great time to make handmade items for loved ones. I knit and crochet all year round so I can have a bunch of handcrafted gifts for Christmas. I cannot tell you how many hats, scarves, mittens and slippers I’ve made over the years for kids and adults, but it’s a lot. For babies though, I like to make a cozy, super cute baby blanket. My newest book, 60 More Quick Baby Blankets is filled with lots of irresistibly adorable patterns.

60 More Quick Baby Blankets

Cozy Knits

The 60 projects shared in this pattern book are utterly charming. There’s so cute, your cheeks hurt from smiling. I want to make them all. Flipping through the pages, I see there’s a variety of patterns for all skill levels. From a simple garter stitch to intarsia to double-knitting to cables to lace, you’ll find something that will inspire you to create a beautiful baby blanket.


The patterns are all designed with a specific brand of machine washable wool in mind, but as long as you have the right gauge, you can use any yarn. I prefer to use non-wool options myself because I’m sensitive to wool fibers. Some blankets are made with worsted weight (3 or 4) yarn while others are made from a bulky yarn (5).

I’m always drawn to animal patterns, they’re whimsical and they captivate kid’s attention. I have a family member who is in love with sheep. Almost everything in her house has sheep on it. Her daughter is expecting a baby in March, so I thought I would make the Sleepy Sheep blanket for her.

I altered the pattern a little to make it longer for a crib, so I added a few rows of double sheep. I also added a few different colors because sheep are not all one color. It was really enjoyable to make and I’m sure it will get lots of use.

There are a few more patterns in the 60 More Quick Baby Blankets that I will be making for the holidays. There are a few lace pattern blankets that I will make a little wider and longer for people in wheelchairs. Often their legs get cold and they like a blanket tucked around them during the winter months.

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