7 Cozy Holiday Touches plus Cariloha $500 GC

I love the holiday season! The crackling fireplace, music, and lights make it so peaceful and special. Decorating the outside of my home is so simple, but the inside requires more finesse. It’s not just about the holidays or even about using holiday decor for that matter, it’s about adding some exquisite finishing touches to a room to make it a little toastier and cozier. Here are a few suggestions to add some holiday warmth to your home.


Holiday candles red
Festive colored and scented candles are a great way to add some holiday warmth and a cheerful glow to your room or mantle. They brighten the room, add a gentle aura, and are therapeutic to the senses. I found some candles with sugarplum, gingerbread, cinnamon, pine and peppermint scents that are welcoming and soothing.

Cozy Throws

cozy Cariloha Plush Blankets

There is nothing more comforting than getting cozy in a plush throw on a frosty winter day. The cold weather of the holiday season requires having a bunch of snuggly warm blankets ready for use. We prefer the plush bamboo throws from Cariloha. They are by far the most popular with my family and my pets. They’re just unbelievably soft.

Seasonal Pillows

festive cushions

With holiday decorating, adding some festive pillows is a great way to add color, patterns, texture, and comfort to a room. You can repurpose or breathe new life into older pillows with some new holiday or winter-inspired covers or pillowcases. They snazzy up a room.

Cariloha Comforter

Cariloha Comforter and bedding

Repel odors and allergens, Bamboo jacquard striping, Naturally thermal regulating
100% Viscose from Bamboo

The thick and opulent Bamboo Comforter from Cariloha offers luxuriously soft and plush comfort. Made entirely of viscose from sustainable bamboo it’s ideal for all temperatures year-round, so you’ll never need to switch comforters again. You’ll be all snug on those frigid winter nights.

I’ve had comforters where the filling shifted to the bottom, but the bamboo-viscose fibers ensure that the filling will remain in place. You’ll enjoy fluffier sleep and feel pampered. It’s by far the nicest and coziest comforter I’ve used. To keep it clean, you either have to dry clean it or use Cariloha’s Duvet Covers.

Cariloha Duvet Covers

Cariloha Duvet Covers

The Cariloha Duvet Covers come in three styles, Jacquard, Linen, and Sateen. I was torn between the Jacquard and Linen. I love the color and the prints of both styles. Their neutral hues and tones will blend seamlessly with any decor or color scheme. I got the Jacquard duvet cover and it’s super soft, stylish, and made of eco-friendly bamboo-viscose material. I love the texture; it feels nice to the touch and warm on the skin.

But, the big factor is that the duvet covers will keep your gorgeous white Bamboo Comforter clean and protected. It comes with two pillow shams featuring the Euro-envelope closure and has a simple button enclosure to keep your comforter in place. I washed the Jacquard duvet cover before using it and it maintained its shape and the colors stayed true.

A Christmas Tree in Your Bedroom

Christmas Tree in Your Bedroom

The traditional place for a Christmas tree is usually in the living room, but a  newer trend is to put one in the bedroom. Although it may be unusual to the majority, more and more families are putting Christmas trees in the bedrooms of their homes. They don’t have to be full size; you can find Xmas trees anywhere from 6 inches to six feet. It’s whatever makes you feel happy. Add some feng shui energy by placing a tree in the East or Southeast corner of your room. Secret code: ornaments


Holiday Potpourri

Fragrant potpourri with holiday smells is pleasant and oh-so cozy. There are premade packages you can buy that emit a scent for a while. I find they lose their aroma in a very short time, so you’re left with a bowl of pretty ornaments. You can also make your own potpourri on the stove by adding spices like anise, ginger, cloves, along with some cranberries, rosemary, and orange peel. Homemade scents permeate the home and linger for days. There are lots of recipes online that you can customize or tweak to suit your aromatic preferences.

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.