Abe the Abominable Snowman Plushy & Storybook

We’ve all heard about giant hairy beings living deep in the forest and high up in the mountains. They have been called several names including Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, and even the Abominable Snowman in some parts of the world. It’s been said that they are fiction and derived through tales from folklore, but too many people have seen and experienced them for their existence to be fake. In fact, I know several people who can communicate with them and you’d be surprised to learn that they are far more advanced than us humble humans.

There have been many documentaries, an abundance of books and magazine-written articles, and several television shows that have chronicled experiences and shared testimonies and first-hand encounters people have had with Bigfoot. Some of these books are designed just for kids, so they can explore and have wild adventures with the Sasquatch. Meet Abe! He’s an Abominable Snowman and he is sad on Christmas Eve. Oh no, let’s find out why.

Have an Abominably Good Day

Abe, the Abominable Snowman Storybook

It’s Christmas Eve, a few kids are building a snowman, and Hannah and her brother Billy are having a friendly snowball fight. But, it’s cold and Hanna wants to go home for a hot chocolate. However, her bully brother gets angry and a little too aggressive and hurts Hannah with a harsh snowball. So, she wanders off into the forest to soothe her hurt feelings. But, she wasn’t really watching where she was going and ends up getting lost…real lost.

At the same time in another part of the forest, Abe, an Abominable Snowman, sits all alone on top of a steep hill overlooking the forest below. He sees the forest animals all busy decorating the trees with pretty ornaments, garlands, holly, and other shiny things. Importantly, they all looked happy, but he was sad. But, why was he sad? Well, Abe is big and clumsy and every Christmas Eve, he would inevitably do something to mess up the festivities. He steps on presents, breaks the tree, gets tangled in the lights…etc. Well, this year he didn’t want to ruin Christmas for his forest friends, so he went for a long walk in the forest to be alone and out of everyone’s way.

As she was walking, Hannah slipped on some ice, and then the snow gave way under her feet. Before she could brace herself, she went tumbling and sliding down a very large and very steep hill. She ended up sliding right into Abe, the Abominable Snowman. Oh no, she was terribly frightened! Will her hurt her? But Abe is a kind creature who gently assures Hannah that he only wants to help her find her way home. So, together they trek their way back to where the kids were playing. Everyone was so worried… including her brother and relieved to see her along with a new friend.

This is a heartwarming story that teaches kids so many valuable lessons. It’s a fun read; kids will enjoy reading it over and over during the holiday season and even after. The 68 images are beautifully illustrated with bold and bright colors with a crayoned-in look. It’s perfect for any family library. For kids aged Pre-K to Grade 3.

Abe, the Abominable Snowman Plush Toy

Abe, the Abominable Snowman Plushy

Abe, the sweet Abominable Snowman is also a plush toy that kids will love to have with them as they read stories together. He’s 8.0″ x 14.5″ tall and super soft and cuddly. Abe can help kids discover the importance of friendship, decisions, and the love of family and friends. For Ages 3 and up.

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