Adorable Bedtime Stories

For many families, reading bedtime stories is a healthy and regular part of their evening ritual. It’s a chance to bond and for kids to wind down and finish their day with a positive and endearing story. Bedtime stories, for the most part, are short unless of course, you are reading a chapter each night. But kids have a way of dragging them out as they visualize the storyline and characters.

I also think stories expand and spark imaginations so kids aren’t afraid to think way outside the norm. It’s okay to have a purple dragon that loves to yodel. Stories that include animals are always a big hit in our home. Here’s a couple of new books that are now part of your family library.

Tough Chicks

Tough Chicks

Tough Chicks is a hardcover lap board book about three little rascal chicks — Penny, Polly, and Molly. These cute little chicks have the whole farm up in arms and everyone is complaining to Mother Hen about them. She says they are good little chicks but, they wrestle with worms, race bugs, splash pigs with mud, get in Farmer Fred’s tractor and so much more. All the other little chicks are quiet and preen their feathers or peck for grain. But these little chicks were smart, tough, and different in a good way.

But, something terrible was about to happen and the clever little chicks sprung into action and showed that they were tough and smart and knew how to handle a tough situation. Mama Hen was so proud.

The storyline is captivating and the images are bold, colorful and express the content perfectly. There is a lot of action on each page and it takes some time to soak in all the activities happening on the farm. Peep, peep, zoom, zip, cheeeep! It’s a great children’s book. I’d like to add that this book is easy to clean off sticky stains and dirty finger marks.

Twilight Chant

Twilight Chant

Twilight Chant is a beautifully illustrated book that explains what happens when the sun goes down, in the twilight. People go for walks, play on the beach, and enjoy the stupendous beauty of nature. The animals and bugs come out and do what comes naturally to them. They trot, they soar, they preen, they graze, they hop, they flicker, they buzz and so much more.

We loved the artistry, each page looks like a watercolor painting. The colors are lush and bold and they capture your attention immediately. Kids get absorbed into the scenario and envision what the people are talking about and viewing and what the animals are doing. This book lends itself to your interpretation and using your vivid imagination.

My Pet Wants a Pet

My Pet Wants a Pet

My Pet Wants a Pet is a beautifully illustrated story about a boy who wanted something to take care of. Everywhere he looked, people had pets and he desperately wanted a puppy. Finally, his mom said yes. They were inseparable until the puppy wanted something to love. The puppy got a kitten, a cute fuzzy orange one. But then the cat wanted a pet and so on. Finally, this delightful story reaches a breaking point. Mom, says No More Pets!! Mom was not happy with a house full of pets and the little boy was worried that he may have to give up some of his pets. But, he comes up with a clever idea. This enchanting story will warm the hearts of all who read it.

There’s a Tiger in the Garden

There's a Tiger in the Garden

There’s a Tiger in the Garden is about a little girl named Nora. She’s visiting her Grandma, but she’s bored out of her mind. There’s nothing to do! Grandma suggests she play in the garden and play with the Tiger. TIGER!! Now Nora is really annoyed at Grandma because everyone knows Tigers do not live in people’s gardens. Grandma also says there are dragonflies the size of birds and plants that can swallow you up whole! Really? Nora rolls her eyes. And besides gardens are just plain B.O.R.I.N.G.

But, as Nora steps into the garden, something magical happens. A big dragonfly the size of a bird flies by. Well, okay she says, so there are big dragonflies in the garden, but they still won’t be a polar bear or a tiger. As she goes deeper into the garden, her attitude changes as she allows her imagination to explore and create new experiences. There is such a positive and heartwarming ending. This is a fabulous book for kids of all ages.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.