Adorable Crochet Patterns

There is no hiding it. I’m addicted to crocheting. It’s a productive habit that gives me unlimited joy. Some of my readers also love crocheting, so I’m building a list of some of my favorite patterns. Check them out!

Chicken Potholder crochet pattern

Chicken Potholders

Baby Van Sneaker crochet pattern

Baby Van Sneakers

Tiger Rattle and Booties crochet pattern

Tiger Rattle and Booties

Raspberry Booties crochet pattern

Raspberry Booties

Cow potholder crochet pattern

Cow Potholder

Winter hat crochet pattern

Winter Hat

Red Topped Mushroom crochet pattern

Red Top Mushroom

Bunny Icre Cream Cone Pattern

Bunny Ice Cream Toy

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