Adorable Crocheted Elephant Bobble Blankets for Babies

When it comes to decorating a baby’s room, we want it to be as precious and adorable as possible. Most of us have an idea of which colors or themes we’d like to build the room from. Soft, monochrome pastel shades create a serene and soothing vibe that is very welcoming. They also lend themselves to blending in harmoniously with any theme or decor.

When choosing a theme, animals are a great choice whether fuzzy, furry, feathery, or furrowed. For many, elephants are their number one choice. Elephants are sweet and gentle giants that are associated with a great memory. They are also known to bring good fortune and oodles of joy, so they are naturally an ideal animal to create your baby’s room around. Now the fun part is adding elements to your room that coordinate with your elephant theme. And I have just the perfect crocheted baby afghans for the occasion.

One of my favorite places to find beautifully designed crocheted patterns is Etsy. It’s brimming with amazing designers who create some of the most stunning and captivating patterns I’ve seen. One of those designers is Glee from Gleefully Crocheting. She is the designer and maker of some of the cutest bobble or popcorn stitch blankets on the market. And she has created several darling Elephant Bobble Blankets just for babies. Here are my favorites.

Baby Elephant Bobble Stitch Crocheted Blanket
Copyright Photo by Gleefully Crocheting

The Baby Elephants Blanket embraces the cuteness of this beloved animal. In the center of the blanket, you have the rear view of the elephant showing his sweet little tail. I don’t what it is, but all animals look cute from behind. Encompassing the center is a large border of elephants making their way completely around the blanket. While it may look like the border is crocheted separately, this blanket is created in one piece by following a detailed chart. So, no sewing or joining is needed. That alone will make a lot of crocheters happy. There are no written row-by-row instructions, but details are provided on box colors, popcorn stitch, left/right hand, chain row, start point, adding/changing color, and row and stitch count.

I personally prefer to work with charts because I find them far less confusing and I can crochet a lot faster. The charts are really easy to follow and it’s kinda fun to see the pattern develop. The whole blanket is made by using single crochets and bobble stitches. The bobble or popcorn stitch adds dimension, texture, and a whole bunch of snuggly softness for baby. It couldn’t get any easier. The blanket is made using approximately 7 oz of (200 grams) sports-weight (3-ply) yarn to get a finished size of 38 x 41 inches. It’s just the right size for a crib, stroller, or playtime on the floor.

I love this crochet pattern and I can see it being a go-to pattern when a new baby is being welcomed into the world. It’s gender-neutral and the color combinations are limitless. If you love elephants and/or are decorating your baby’s room with this animal, then this blanket is a must. But babies need more than one blankie. Enter the Carnival Elephants Bobble Blanket.

Circus Elephant Bobble Stitch Crocheted Blanket
Copyright Photo by Gleefully Crocheted

The Circus Elephant Blanket is another creation by Gleefully Crocheted. Elephants are a big attraction at a circus and kids love to see them. They also make the perfect subject for a baby blanket. This blanket is also made in one piece following a chart. You start off with a long chain and then proceed with the first row of the chart. But, you can also make individual blocks in different hues to match your baby’s room or color scheme and then sew or crochet them together.

Using only single crochets and the popcorn stitch you can create this lovable little baby blanket that will be cherished by mom and baby. It’s a neutral-gender treasure you can pass down from generation to generation. It’s made with 7 oz of worsted-weight (4-ply) yarn and measures approximately 39 x 47 inches when finished. Make a bunch and have these adorable crocheted Elephant Bobble Blankets on hand for those moments when you need a special new arrival baby gift or infant birthday gift.

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