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Adorable Handmade Gnome Ornaments for the Holidays

🎄The holiday season really is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s filled with so many magical things that make our hearts swell with love, joy, and generosity! Christmas spices wafting through our homes, holiday music playing, crackling fireplaces, yule tide movies, scrumptious treats, and whimsical ornaments put us in a festive spirit. With Christmas only 4 weeks away, most of us are in full swing preparing our homes for family, friends, and special guests. Decorating our homes with handmade holiday ornaments is one of the biggest joys and there is still plenty of time for those looking to add some extra special touches.

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As an avid, actually more of an addicted crocheter really, I look for new holiday patterns to amp up my decor each year. For me, the best place to find the nicest Christmas patterns is on Etsy. And they have never let me down. Over the years I’ve collaborated with several amazing designers to bring you the coolest, cutest, and cleverest festive patterns for the holiday season. They’re timeless and you can use them year after year. This year is no different. I found lots of beautiful patterns that will make your holiday season special. I hope you enjoy them as much as my family and I do!

Amigurumi Gnome Holiday Set crochet patterns by NattyToys
Photo copyright by NattyToys

Gnomes are fast becoming a favorite during the holiday season in North America. While they’ve been popular in Scandinavian countries since the 18th century, they are making their way into the hearts and homes of people worldwide. I adore gnomes and plaid, so when I found this festive and whimsical Gnome Amigurumi Ornament Set created by Nataliia from Natty Toys on Etsy, I just had to feature it!

Amigurumi Gnome Santa crochet pattern by NattyToys
Photo copyright by NattyToys
Amigurumi Gnome Reindeer crochet pattern by NattyToys
Photo copyright by NattyToys

The Gnome Amigurumi Ornament Set come with three characters, Gnome Santa with a plaid hat, a Gnome with a Reindeer hat, and a Snowman Gnome with a plaid hat. It also comes with two accessories, a Santa gift bag and some festive Christmas trees.

Gnomes have endearing features, a rotund body, big schnoz, long bushy beards, and an oversized hat that always covers their eyes. They can change the ambiance of a room very quickly; no wonder so many people love them.

The Gnome Santa has a traditional portly body with a black belt. His beard is beautifully scalloped like a snowflake and his big plaid hat is trimmed with delicate frills that look like curly hair. He’ll definitely make you and your family smile. Using the recommended yarn, he’ll stand 18 cm (7 inches) tall.

I simply adore the Gnome with the Reindeer hat. He has the usual chubby body with a big nose, and his beard is fancy and lacey like a doily. But the reindeer hat is stunning with a cute little face, darling ears, gently curved antlers, and a warm cozy scarf. He’s all ready for the holiday season.

Amigurumi Snowman and Christmas Tree crochet patterns by NattyToys
Photo copyright by NattyToys

The Gnome Snowman is also chubby with a wide black and red tie, a carrot nose, and a dashing plaid bucket hat with a holly flower for a festive look. He’ll simply melt your heart! His finished size is 15 cm (6 inches tall). The Christmas trees are quite festive looking. You can make them in any color to match and brighten a room. The finished size is 9 cm (3 ½ inches tall) using a DK yarn weight.

Put these holiday gnomes on your mantle, hang them from your tree or staircase, add them to your holiday wreath, or place them as a centerpiece on your table. Or make a bunch and give them as gifts.

The patterns for each are well written and laid out with lots of visual tutorial images and clearly written step-by-step instructions. She also includes lots of tutorial links for those who need extra help creating a specific stitch or crochet step. The Gnome Amigurumi Ornament Set may be just what you need to add some holiday joy to your home. Hurry, this pattern set is on sale for 70% off right now.