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Ajara Hydrosenium Dew Drizzle

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As winter approaches, many of us will experience drier skin. As humidity levels and temperatures drop, the moisture in our skin vanishes very quickly. Drinking more water and using a nourish and hydrating skincare product will keep our skin supple. Ajara has an abundance of hydrating skincare products that produce great results. But what if you want to amp up your moisturizer and take it to the next level? Then welcome Ajara Hydrosenium Dew Drizzle.

Now, Hygienically Hydrate Without Messing with Fingers + Prepare Skin for Treatments or Makeup AND Set your complete look in a completely natural, divinely-aromatic way for a dewy-face that stays put Рin just 4 seconds! 

No need to dig in jars for a surge of moisture, no chance of spoiling your makeup for a quick touch-up or pick-me-up, no more cracked or blotchy look when you have Hydrosenium Dew Drizzle.

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Ajara Hydrosenium Dew Drizzle Is The Most Perfect Moisture Extender That Will Give You:

  • Instant, hygienic hydration¬†
  • Instant, non-oily,¬†velvety-gloss¬†
  • 3-in-1 use: Wet + Prep + Set¬†
  • Long-Lasting, suppleness-inducing moisture¬†
  • Naturally minimize the appearance of pores¬†
  • Get firm, toned skin thanks to the key ingredients¬†
  • Cream/Lotion/Serum friendly¬†– can be used under, over, and with all of them¬†as a hassle-free, natural moisture-extender¬†
  • Improve absorption¬†and extend the effects of your favorite cream/serum/oil
  • Refresh your look¬†anytime 100%¬†hygienically¬†without messing makeup¬†
  • No sweating¬†or pore-clogging effect¬†
  • Divine, completely¬†natural¬†aroma¬†
  • Completely natural, alcohol-free: NEVER inhale toxic artificial fragrances, alcohol, or chemicals through toners or setting sprays again

Enriched with the goodness of roses and rose geranium, this toner effectively removes residual properties and refines the appearance of pores, giving your face a radiant, fresh look. It absorbs quickly, elevates hydration, and also gives your skin a soft feel and healthy complexion! And, it smells divine!

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