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Ajara Organic Skincare for All Skin Types

Let’s discover the essence of true beauty with a brand that takes pride in creating a pure, high-integrity personal care line that is adored and cherished by women across the USA and Canada, Ajara.
Ajara skincare collection

While America celebrates its Independence Day, you can choose to break free of dependency on multiple layers of makeup or chemical-based cosmetics that often come with those pesky strings (attached) – greasiness, clogged pores, breakouts, irritation and more. 

Each of our final products – serum, cleanser, scrub, cream, toner, eye care delights, and much more – has been handcrafted in North America, keeping in mind the needs of different skin types and doshas. 

Ajara Skincare Kits for all Skin Types

Daily Face Care Kit for Mature, Dry Skin

Ajara skincare for dry, mature skin.

A wholesome daily care essential to enliven dry, mature skin. Moisturize, nourish your skin with effective Ayurvedic essentials, each serving a specific purpose.

Daily Face Care Kit for Sensitive or Combination Skin

Ajara skincare line for sensitive and combination skin.

A supremely gentle daily care essential to soothe, nourish sensitive skin. ​Go for it if you’re looking for the gentlest yet most effective of care to bring out a healthy radiance.  

Ajara Daily Face Care Kit for Oily Skin

Ajara skincare line for oily skin.

The Ajara Oily Skincare kit is ideal for oily, clogged and Kapha skin types! Nourish, tone, and revitalize oily skin without feeling greasy.

Ajara Eye Care

‘Eye-Am-Special’ Eye Care Duo

Ajara eye duo for youthful skin around the eyes.

Ayurvedic delight for dull, tired-looking under-eyes. Go for this to: 
soothe puffy, tired-looking eyes, and look well-rested, refreshed and youthful in just 2 steps, daily. 

Complete Eye Care Ritual Set

Ajara complete eye care rituals set for the ultimate in eye care

A complete 4-Step Ritual to Angel Eyes. Go for it to: gift your under-eyes an intensely rejuvenatingwholesome care that lets your eyes enjoy some well-deserved ‘Me time’. 

Daily Essentials

Sauranti Nutritive Serum

Ajara Sauranti Nutritive Serum for skin that needs moisture and rejuvenation.

An on-the-go refreshing, moisturizing staple for Dry Skin. Go for it if:  you have dry skin that needs quick, non-greasy moisturization and rejuvenation. 

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