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Ajara Rose Skincare Collection

The delicate fragrance and essence of roses are romantic, evocative, and pleasurable to our senses. Breathing in the gorgeous scent of roses is so euphoric and relaxing as well. Roses inspire us to slow down and enjoy the beauty of mother Earth. Aside from being a beautiful flower, rose oil and rose water have both been used in skincare lines for decades for its beneficial properties. In brief, rose oil reduces signs of aging, helps clear up acne, hydrates, minimizes scars and so much more. It’s only natural that Ajara could create an exquisite Rose Skincare Collection for those who love roses and wish to experience the benefits of their superior oils regardless of their skin type.

Ajara Rose Skincare Collection

Ajara Rose Skincare Collection

The Ajara Rose Collection comes with four skincare products that bring out the very best and most effective benefits of its rich and organic ingredients. These include Coconut Rose Soothing Wash, Hibiscus Rose Enlivening Scrub, Rose Hydrating Toner, and Vanilla Rose Lip Balm. 

The Coconut Refreshing Wash is an oil-based cleanser formulated for all skin types. It leaves your skin fresh, smooth, soft, and hydrated. You can actually feel the tiny coconut granules as it gently cleanses your skin. All ingredients are natural, GMO-free, and chemical-free. They’re so pure, you could eat them. Plus, the scent is heavenly! To use, place a dime-sized amount in your palm, lather with a little water and massage your face and neck for two minutes. Rinse and proceed with the Hibiscus Rose Enlivening Scrub.

The Hibiscus Rose Enlivening Scrub is vegan and gluten-free. This delicate exfoliator is ideal for all skin types. It can be used daily on your skin and body, leaving it soft, fresh, and smooth. To use, place a small amount in your palm, add a tiny amount of water and exfoliate your face, neck, and other areas. When finished rinse well with warm water and proceed with the Rose Hydrating Toner.

The Rose Hydrating Toner is perfect for dry or sensitive skin. The cooling and anti-inflammatory qualities of rose geranium will soothe skin and remove redness while leaving your skin dewy, youthful, and well moisturized. Just spritz your face and neck a few times and breathe in the delectable scent. You can apply your favorite moisturizer from one of the Ajara Face Care Kits for Mature & Dry Skin, or Sensitive or Combination Skin, or Oily Skin

The Vanilla Rose Lip Balm is made with natural, moisture-rich organic ingredients that will help your lips regain their softness, smoothness, and suppleness of your youth. This lip balm has the perfect flavor combinations, the delicate scent of rose with a touch of aromatic vanilla.


This stunning Ajara Rose Skincare Collection will bring out your natural, youthful beauty. Treat your skin today and enjoy the divine luxury and skincare benefits of roses!

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