Learning Resources

Children’s minds are like sponges; they instinctively try to grasp everything in their environment. They awkwardly use their motor, problem solving and cognitive skills, communication, and curiosity to reason out what they see, feel and hear. As they approach preschool and kindergarten we want to hone and develop each skill so they’re prepared for this new phase of their life. Feeling confident will make the transition feel natural.

Knowing their colors, numbers, letters, animals, and shapes is vital, and there’s a lot of preschool material available to assist us. I found that the Learning Resources has the coolest tools that will not only teach your kids the fundamentals, it will make it exciting and fun!

The All Ready for Preschool Readiness Kit has a collection of hands-on essentials that will get the kids inspired to learn.
All Ready for Preschool Readiness Kit

Includes:All Ready for Preschool Readiness Kit
• 26 Uppercase letters with lace
     • 24 Number cards
     • 18 Family counters
     • 12 Attribute buttons
     • 2 Double-sided game boards
     • 1 Fine motor scooper
     • 1 Color cube
     • 1 Number cube
     • 36-Page parent guide (over 60 leveled activities)
     • 22-Page write-and-wipe Activity Book
     • Storage box

The parent guidebook offers fun ways to develop and strengthen various skills with the ‘Ready, Set, Go exercises. It covers several topics in each subject, and you can use more than one prop to aid in teaching. Here are a few examples: Early Learning covers colors, and the kids can roll the color dice and name something in the house with the same color. Language teaches letter recognition and the bold capital letters are perfect for kids to name. In the Math section, they’ll learn to count and put the numbers in the right order with the ‘Wild for Numbers’ cards. The exercises are fun, and the kids enjoy the games.

We loved the bright colored shapes and family pieces; the kiddos learn to recognized adults, kids, cats, circles, squares, and so much more. I appreciated that the pieces are durable yet flexible and soft enough for little hands. The die are made from a hard sponge, so they’re easy to grip and won’t harm anything or anyone if tossed or dropped. They Activity Book is also bright, colorful, well designed and organized. It covers all the necessary skills your children will develop as they go through the exercises. The pictures are identifiable and appealing to kids, and they’re naturally inquisitive to learn more. I love this kit; it gently encourages children to ripen their skills without any pressure, and you can quickly see their progress. It’s recommended for children ages 3 – 5.

The All Ready for Kindergarten Readiness Kit, will sharpen your kids skills a little further with more interactive tools.
All Ready for Kindergarten Readiness Kit

 • 60 Shape piecesAll Ready for Kindergarten Readiness Kit
     • 52 Upper and lowercase letters with lace
     • 34 Picture cards
     • 20 Puzzle cards
     • 20 critter counters
     • 1 Gator grabber fine motor tool
     • 1 Write-and-wipe board
     • 1 Number cube
     • 32-Page Parent Guide (over 60 leveled activities)
     • 24-Page write-and-wipe Activity Book
     • Storage Box

This kit still includes the same teaching tools are the preschool kit, but they’re a little more refined. There’s different shapes, more colors, small case letters, insects instead of people, and lots of fun puzzles. The Parent Guidebook walks you through tons of interesting exercises that makes a game out of learning.

I love the Activity Book; the kids can scribble right on the laminated pages. If they make a mistake, or if they’re finished for the day, you simply use a damp paper towel to clear the page. We loved the Story Starters; the kids really tapped into their imaginations to come up with some creative tales. I thought the activities for adding and subtracting numbers was great; Critter Pile-Up was a hit. The whole kit is interactive and engaging, and captured the kids attention. Who knew they’d enjoy learning?

If you’re looking for tools to help your kids, I highly recommend these Learning Resources kits. I wish they were around when I was raising my family.