Angel Answers Deck & Guidebook

Many of us ask for guidance and answers to our quandaries through prayer. It’s the normal and accepted communications with God. Other people may choose to communicate with angels and use tarot or oracle cards. I personally don’t like most tarot cards because some of the images are negative and even a little disturbing, but that being said, there are tarots out there that are much more pleasant to use. Oracle cards, on the other hand, seem so much lighter, brighter, and very positive. I recently checked out a new deck of oracle cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine called Angel Answers.

angel answers oracle cards
Angel Answers is a 44 Card Deck accompanied with a Guidebook that comes in a very decorative and sturdy box. Upon opening the box, it reveals that the card backs and book have the same colorful and celestial artwork that’s quite pretty and serene.

The guidebook has 96 pages that walk you through step by step on how to use the deck, clearing your oracle deck and the interpretation of each card. The images in the guidebook are in black and white, but you’re still able to clearly discern which card is being explained. The edges of the cards are gold gilded giving it a heavenly glow if you will.

The oracle cards are quite thick and the face of each of them has really beautiful artwork with a specific message. Using these cards is very easy and straightforward. They’re designed for a quick yes or no answer, but also offer guidance for any question posed.

There are two ‘no’ and two ‘yes’ cards, one simply with no or yes and the other with an exclamation mark for emphasis. There are several cards with timing on them, so they could be removed from the deck and used only if a specific time is required. There’s no wrong or right way to use them, just go with your instinct. They’re great for the newbie or seasoned card user.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.