Angels and Light Workers

We all have a different way of viewing angels and the people who communicate and work with these light beings. Whether you’ve grown up in a religious or metaphysical household, or are simply a believer or non-believer, they are real and they have helped individuals with small to unbelievable issues. Then there are those who know angels exist but don’t believe they would help them or fear connecting with them. And what about demons?

I’ve always believed that angels exist but felt I was not worthy of their help, plus there is this huge fear that I may attract or welcome a bad spirit. I have called upon angels for help in trying and critical situations, but it never came. It made me uncertain if they really don’t help ordinary people. But, I’ve read numerous stories of angels healing, protecting, saving, and helping people, so I’m not sure anymore. I think a lot of people can relate to this, and wonder if they really do help.

There is a lot of information and guidance – from people who have experienced these enlightened beings – that can help us remove our doubts and fears and get comfortable with the fact that angels are willing and able to help us in many ways. The following books may be just what you need to make this happen.

The Big Book of Angel Stories

The Big Book of Angel Stories

Angels are always here to help us 24/7 regardless of our beliefs or behaviors. They never abandon us as the stories in The Big Book of Angel Stories share. There are hundreds of emotionally charged and indisputably angelic stories to glean insight from and gather hope for you to connect with angels.

Is there such a thing as a miracle? Have you ever seen a ‘sign’ that was too personal to be a coincidence? Do you believe in angels but wonder why some of your prayers go unanswered?

The book is broken into specific angel chapters  — Angels Answering Cries for Help.. or Not?, Angels Bringing Past-Life Knowledge, Angels Who Help Us When We Lose Loved Ones, The Baby Angel, Angels Who Use Animals to Help Us, Angel Rescuers, Angels Who Help Us to Heal Animals, Angels Who Heal the Body, Angels Who Heal the Mind and Angels Who Show Themselves in Strange Ways.

You won’t find any angel names throughout the book, so it’s impossible to know which angels helped these individuals. Many of them probably wouldn’t know, the angels just show up to help.

Manifesting with the Angels

Manifesting with the Angels

Believe it and you’ll achieve it! We’ve all heard this phrase, but hardly anyone considers this to be true. That’s the key, most of us refuse to believe we’re capable of doing something fantastic without some sort of tangible or intangible proof. But, we unwittingly place conditions in our lives with our thoughts, words, and beliefs that tell the Universe ” I can’t afford this, I can’t find a high paying job, I’ll always be single, or how on earth can I succeed.

Manifestation can seem daunting and make us feel alone. But, God and the angels are more than happy to help us manifest our deepest desires. Manifesting With the Angels will share what steps we have to take to connect with Source and the angels and live the life we long for.

The book is divided into two sections – Part I Tools and Principles of Manifestation and Part II Clearing Blocks and Attracting Happiness, Purpose, and Fulfillment with the Angels. Some of the information covered is Visualization and Affirmations, Asking for Help from Heaven, Karma, and Cords and Healing from Past Pain.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.