Angels: How to See, Hear & Feel Your Angels

Hay House has recently implemented a new series of enlightening books that focus on the basics of core metaphysical subjects. As you delve into the topics on mind, body and spirit self-development, old beliefs will be punctured as truths are uncloaked, especially about angels.

Kyle Gray has been called many things, Angel Expert, Angel Whisperer, Angel Medium, and Angel Communicator. He’s a bright, young, down to earth psychic from Scotland, who’s dedicated his life to helping other people crack open their psychic eyes to the angels with his workshops and books. The first book in his series is Angels, How to See, Hear and Fee Your Angels.

Angels KylePart I: What Are Angels:
Ch 1. Angels are real
Ch 2. The purpose of angels
Ch 3. How angles can help
Ch 4. Choirs of angels
Ch 5. Guardian angels

Part II: Working With Angels
Ch 6. Meeting your guardian angel
Ch 7. The power of archangels
Ch 8. Healing angels
Ch 9. Seeing angels
Ch 10. Hearing angels
Ch 11. Feeling angels
Ch 12. Building the bridge
Ch 13. Angelic toolbox

Prayers and Affirmations


As you go through the chapters, you’ll grasp clear-cut information about the hidden realm of the angels. Growing up, many of us absorbed the preconceived notions of our family, church and media. Personally, I always thought angels only helped and appeared before the clergy or enlightened people, so, that rules me out. But, as you read along, you’ll discover that angels are here for everyone and that we each have our own angelic guides.

I gleaned a lot of heart warming knowledge that put me at ease. Each chapter centers around a specific angel theme: their purpose, how they can help you, to how you can see, feel and hear them. There are many different kinds of angels and they’re all available to help in various areas of your lives. At the end of each chapter, there is an exercise for the readers to follow and connect with our angels. They’re easy and a lot of fun to do.

These ethereal beings will not help or intrude in your life unless you invite them to do so, and this book will show you how to welcome them. Some of you might be thinking that angel books are aerie faerie, and full of fluff. But, this book hones in on reality and facts. It’s so well written and uber easy to follow. I really enjoyed reading it. Stay tuned for the second book in this series!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.