Magic and Archangel Guide into the Animal World

Growing up my father would not allow us to have any pets in our home, so I adored them from afar. It wasn’t until my young daughter brought home a feral cat that I really began to appreciate, respect, and completely love them. I have since gone on to adopt many more abandoned or abused cats, and they have brought so much joy into our lives. They’re intelligent little creatures with great spidey senses. Numerous books have been written about the animal realm including their intuition, their soul purpose, and even how they show up in our lives. Here are a few of my favorites.

Animal Magic

Animal Magic is filled with heartwarming stories of animals and their connections to their families during and after their lives have ended. Gordon Smith is a psychic medium hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, and here he shares his connection experiences with animals. It starts with his own life where a springer spaniel ‘Cheeky’ Charlie, chanced into his life and taught him unconditional love, trust, patience. Just like people, animals also go to the spirit world. Some of the stories are so touching and moving that it’s hard to keep dry eyes. Stories of dogs who know intuitively when their owners are coming home. I can relate to this, each time I was on my way home from Europe, my mom would tell me that my cats would be excited and unsettled. They sensed we were on our way home.

Other stories are about pets who saved their owners’ lives  — I can relate to this as well. My husband is a Type I and one of our cats, a Siamese named Blossom, has woken him up a few times when his sugars were too low. Plus there are endearing stories of animals who have found ways of proving they are still with their families after death. Many may find it hard to believe that pets can reincarnate; several stories are shared of deceased relatives coming back as animals for a specific reason. Two ladies who lost loved ones (a brother and husband) to cancer, connected and went on a trek in the Himalayans. They had Buddhist guides but right at the onset of the trip a strange black and white dog stayed with them the whole trip. Once home, Gordon Smith got a message from the brother who had passed saying he was with them in the Himalayans as a dog.

The Archangel Guide to the Animal World

The Archangel Guide to the Animal World will take you deeper into the realm and purpose of all the animals on the Earth. Just like humans, they have a purpose and a soul mission when they incarnate from different stars, planets or dimensions. They too want to experience life on Earth and feel the grass between their toes. Many animals are highly evolved and most of them live in the 5th dimension frequency. Before they are allowed to incarnate, their oversoul makes a sacred contract with Source and Lady Gaia — who is the 9th-dimensional angel in charge of Earth.

The book has seven sections, Animals and Nature, The Animal Kingdom, Aquatic Creatures, Reptiles, The Bird Kingdom, The Insect Kingdom, and the Tree Kingdom. The first section talks about the spiritual evolution of animals and nature, angels who work with animals, and the animal coloring. The second section has individual chapters on specific animals and the message each has to share and so on. I found the last section very interesting. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt that trees can hear, see, and even communicate with people. Each tree comes from the heart of God and has so much to teach and offer us. At the end of each chapter are visualization exercises to connect with either Archangel Fhelyai or the animal or creature you were reading about.

I really enjoyed reading all the stories from both books. They’ve opened my eyes a little wider and have given me a much deeper appreciation for my pets.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.