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Ajara Spark Circle Under-Eye Indulgence for Enviable Eyes!

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Our eyes tell a lot about our personality, lifestyle, and age. While our eyes might sparkle themselves, the skin around our eyes may disclose a different story. The tender skin around our eyes is delicate and fragile and can be damaged easily. If we don’t get enough sleep, our cells don’t have enough time to regenerate. The result can be droopy and sagging or dark circles under our eyes. Many have turned to eye creams and gels, but in order to be effective, they must contain quality ingredients like the exclusive Spark Circle Under-Eye Indulgence duo from Ajara.

Ajara Spark Circle Under-Eye Indulgence

Ajara Spark Circle Under Eye Indulgence duo
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The Ajara Spark Circle Under-Eye Indulgence includes two dynamic products that will rejuvenate the skin around your eyes. It was formulated for you to rediscover and reveal your enviable spark circles – the skin around your eyes without being hostage to using concealers and chemical-based cosmetics. It includes a unique, thoughtfully designed eye-care exclusive duo, the Pearl Honey Brightening Mask, and the Cardamon-Fennel Intensive Eye Activator. Collectively these potent products will soothe under-eye puffiness and soften the appearance of dark circles. Reveal vivacious eyes that have broken free from the baggage of soggy and saggy skin around the eyes.

I love the indulging Duo for their ability to gift:

A lightened look of dark circles, puffiness, eye bags that promotes a youthful, well-rested look
A cool soothing relaxation for the overworked eyes that often need pampering to deal with all the stress and strain
A boost of hydration to the dull, crepey skin around the eyes that tend to have a telling effect on the overall look
A golden radiance to adorn the windows of our soul and master a youthful vivacious look
A spa-like relaxation indulgence in the comfort of your home that’s budget-friendly
Enviable Spark Circles around the eyes to radiate that refreshed, youthful glow.

Spark Circle Under Eye ingredients

Pearl and Honey Brightening Powder Mask and Cardamom-Fennel Intensive Eye Activator is a very unique eye set. It blends together eleven time-honored ingredients that will bring out Sparkling under-eyes and a well-rested, refreshed look we desire.

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