Aroma Digital Rice Cooker

Growing up I can remember my mom making rice in a pot of water and how the ratio of rice to water had to be perfect or it didn’t turn out. We didn’t have a rice maker. Today, my family loves rice and I make it often. I have an older little puny rice maker that only makes one cup at a time. I usually had to make three or more batches especially if you have company was coming over. Then I had the stress of wondering if it would turn out or not.

Now in the 21st century, lots have changed. The kitchen is the heart of the home and our families don’t mind hanging out there. Our appliances have come a long way too. They’re more advanced, labor-saving, and compact. They also comply with our focus on recycling and sustainability.

Aroma is a company that has been supplying us with smarter and more efficient appliances for over 25 years. They are committed to providing us with top-notch appliances that are innovative, functional, practical, and eco-savvy. They’re all about high standards!

I got to test out Aroma’s 20-Cup Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker. Wow, it’s an amazing device that can make up to 20 cups of rice! This is a big treat for me. It’s a sturdy attractive appliance that has a plethora of attributes. Fashioning a chic brushed steel finish, it stands out as an ultra-modern beauty! The front has an easy to read control panel that includes a digital display.

First, it’s not only a rice cooker, but it’s also a food steamer and slow cooker making meal preparing a breeze. You can steam your protein and veggies simultaneously with your rice. Maybe you want stew or soup with your rice, no problem, this also can be done. It’ so versatile!

The Aroma rice cooker comes with everything you need except the food. It has an inner cooking pot, steam tray, serving spatula, and its own measuring cup. It’s important to mention that you need to use their measuring cup for the best results. It also comes with clear concise instructions. I’ve used other appliances that have muddled instructions and were complicated to use.

To make your rice you refer to the chart they provide. You add the rice first to the inner cooking pot. Make sure to rinse your rice to remove excess starch. You then fill with water up to the line which corresponds to the number of cups of rice you are cooking. This line is on the inside of the cooker. So you don’t have to measure any liquid, you just add enough water until it reaches the specific line. It’s that simple. Next, you place the inner pot into the rice cooker and secure the lid. You press the power button and then press if you are cooking brown or white rice. With these selected prompts the rice cooker will begin and the control panel will display the countdown until the rice is cooked. A beep indicates the rice is done and it will automatically switch to “keep warm” mode. I really like the warm mode. Not everyone will make it to the dinner table on time so this feature keeps your meal nice and warm for the latecomers. It was so awesome to make 6 cups of rice at once and have it turn out perfectly the first time.

Another stellar feature is the delayed timer. You can get your rice cooker ready in the morning and program it to cook at a specific time. You follow the same instructions as described above with the last step being you press the Delay Timer button. Each press will increase in one-hour increments up to 15 hours. This is perfect for our hectic lifestyles. Just think of the freedom you have when you can time your Aroma rice cooker to cook your entire meal and have it ready at your convenience. I love this feature and use it regularly. Additional instructions are given for sauteing, simmering and steaming.

This appliance is also very easy to clean. The inner cooking pot has a non-stick surface so cleanup is quick and effortless. It’s also dishwasher safe. I personally am a huge enthusiast of one-pot meals. It’s convenient, time-saving, there is a lot less fuss and mess and environmental. I’m very pleased with the Aroma rice cooker and it’s been such an asset. I wonder how I lived so long without one. Really every home should have one.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.