Atlantis Cards for Divine Guidance

Some view Atlantis as a fictional island, others believe it to be real. They were two islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean that were inhabited by a highly developed civilization. Even though it no longer exists, the Atlanteans preserved their higher spiritual knowledge so future generations could refer to and be enlightened by it. Tools have been created for such a purpose.

The Atlantis Cards were created to capture the positive and high vibrations of Golden Atlantis. They offer guidance, inspiration, and insight into your past, present and future paths.


Each of the 44 ethereal and beautiful cards has a peaceful and harmonious image on the front. There is also a keyword or phrase below the image, with a detailed explanation of it on the reverse. You’ll learn what the cards meant from the Atlanteans perspective, which is shown on the upper half of the card, and your reading is the lower half of the card. The cards explain how to interpret them, and how to work its guidance in your current situation. There is no guidebooks per se, only a card explaining how to use them properly.

Shuffle and spread the cards out picture side up, and using your non-dominant hand, choose cards that resonate with you, or choose them with your eyes closed. You can pick a three-card layout or 10 card Celtic Cross layout to get detailed insight into your life. All the messages are positive, kind, and very helpful. I love the size of the cards as well, they’re a little smaller so they are easier to manipulate. If you love oracle cards, then this set is a must for your collection!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.