Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp Combo Kit

Reflecting back I wish when we built our house that we put a fireplace in. Having had the log burning fireplaces in several homes, I was tired of the cleanup. But, I miss the ambient flicker of a relaxing light, it’s a nice touch to the end of a long day.

Candle Warmers has just the right product to supply that warm glow many of us love. They carry unique items that not only provide you with a warm glimmering light, but also with the fragrance of a scented candle. They carry a variety of candle warmer lamps, lanterns, and crocks that offer the burning candle experience without the fire.

I received an Aurora Candle Warmer lamp and one scent candle to try out. When the Aurora arrived it was Black Aurora Lampso well packed so all the parts were perfect, even a somewhat fragile bulb. There is a small amount of assembling to do, but the instruction sheet walks you through the easy steps. You simply have to attach the little lampshade and the bulb to the warmer and you’re done.

The candle that came with the warmer is a Jamie Claire 22 oz fragrant Christmas Day candle. You place the candle on the warmer, switch it on and within minutes, the divine essence of the candle will permeate your home. The scent is lovely and calming with the tranquil aroma of cinnamon and cloves. Cloves just happen to be one of my favorite scents.

I love the idea of using a halogen light and warmer to release the fragrance of the candle without any fire. The candle melts from the top unleashing its aroma very quickly. It’s so much safer, healthier, practical and provides you with a desirable ambient glow. I love the Aurora Candle warmer and have used it a lot. The candle doesn’t seem to diminish considering a number of times I’ve used it. The one candle is going to last a very long time; only the fragrance will lessen over time. The bulbs last 800 – 1000 hrs, but they cannot be purchased at any local hardware store so you will have to order extra or replacement bulbs from their site.

I’ve put the Aurora candle warmer on a corner table in the living room where it adds a little charm and serene shimmer. Candle warmers also carry festive warmers like the  Snowman head & scarf, Snowman, and Santa, perfect for the holidays.

Disclaimer:  I received a product for review. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.