Whimsical Autumn and Halloween Decor

Like many, autumn is my very favorite time of year. The weather is perfect and the crisp air is filled with the rich smell of crops and decaying leaves. And oh those stunning colors, the crimsons, reds, golds, oranges, and browns are so vivid and breathtaking as they grace the landscape.

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Autumn is also the time of year that kickstarts the holiday season. The kids will be back to school in full swing and we can start preparing for Halloween and Christmas. For me, it’s about finding fun new crochet patterns that I can create for the holidays and everyday gifts. You can never have enough patterns and you can never start too early to prepare for the festivities ahead. 🎃🍁

I get a lot of my patterns and inspiration from the creative designers on Etsy. One of my favorite stores is the LittleOwlsHut. You can find a pattern for almost every occasion, including Halloween. I adore her potholders and there are several autumn and Halloween-inspired patterns that called out to me. Here are a few that will amp up your household decor and cheer up any person.

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble, is the song of the witches!

Halloween  Little Witch potholder crochet pattern
Photo copyright by LittleOwlHut

Witches, cats, bats, spiders, and pumpkins have long been staples during the autumn season. They set the vibe and put you in a celebratory spirit. This decorative Little Witch Potholder is ready to cast a happy spell and brew up some friendly decor in your home. Complete with a classic long black dress, traditional hat, scraggly hair, and a straw broom for transportation, she is ready to bewitch your decor.

The pattern is beautifully laid out with full-color images and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Created with sports weight yarn, she can be used as a potholder, hot pad, pillow, wall decor, table decor, an afghan applique, mug rug, coaster, pet mat, and more!

Once a sturdy pumpkin, Growing on a curly vine. Now a Jack-o-lantern, See your night lights shine!

Halloween Pumpkin potholder crochet pattern
Photo copyright by LittleOwlHut

Pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns grace our lawns and front steps during October. They are such a big part of the Halloween season and kids love carving and decorating them. Now crafters can have fun crocheting them with the Pumpkin Potholder pattern. They add a pop of color to any room, have multi-purpose functions and you can hang them anywhere.

This portly little pumpkin can also be used to create a hot pad, pillow, wall decor, table decor, an afghan applique, washcloth, mug rug, coaster, pet mat, and more! Have fun and change his eyes with different buttons and alter his expression to a sneer or a smile! Whether you are a novice or pro, you’ll find the pattern easy to follow and fun to make!

Although this purr-fectly cute Cat Potholder is not black, you can easily change the colors to suit the holiday or your home or kitchen decor.

Cat potholder crochet pattern
Photo copyright by LittleOwlHut

I’ve always had cats in my home. They are enchanting and intelligent little critters and they make a paw-some model for potholders and other household items. This Cat Potholder pattern has lots of purr-sonality and can be created into more than just a potholder.

They would make ideal gifts for a new home, a Halloween fan, a holiday gift, a birthday present or even a cheer-up gift. Got a family member or friend who loves cats? Create some potholders with the colors of their cats. Or create a bunch just to have on hand when you need that quick unexpected gift.

All of LittleOwlHut’s patterns are easy to follow with photo tutorials and easy-to-grasp instructions. Swing by and check out all her patterns. You’ll want them all!