Autumn Decor and Cariloha Ideas

Ever notice when the seasons change, we instinctively want to make color changes in our home decor? Autumn is my favorite time of year; it’s just so pretty and I want to fill my house with these colors. It’s easy to let nature inspire your autumn decor look with warm and cozy colors inside and outside your home. You can transition from one season to the next easily with just a few simple touches. It’s fun and it can be done seamlessly.

Amp up your autumn decor with a few simple touches! 

By just adding or changing a few small but key items to your home, you can tweak the color palette, pattern or texture you’re going for this autumn. You don’t have to repaint your room or get a new rug or change your artwork, just exchange some signature pieces with a spruced up version and you’ll have your room looking up to date in no time and with little cost.

Throws and Pillows

Stack of colorful pillows and blankets

Changing your throws and pillows is the easiest way to add neutrals, earthy tones and vibrant fall colors as well. Autumn welcomes jewel tones of purples, crimsons, oranges, golds and browns, so don’t be afraid to splash up your room with several colors. In addition, you can incorporate a mixture of smooth, textured, plain, print, plaid, knitted or bold patterns. An easy way to change your pillows appearance is to buy half a meter of three or four fall theme fabrics that will blend harmoniously and make a bunch of slipcovers.


Cariloha Bamboo Bedding

Changing some of your bedding to rich warm hues influenced by autumn is another way to embrace this colorful season. The cozy earth tones and natural organic bamboo bedding from Cariloha make the Almond Truffle Bamboo sheets an ideal choice. The deep brown color offers warmth and changes your room into an intimate sanctuary. These dreamy-soft sheets have a lustrous sateen finish that’s so lovely to sleep on. They’re naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, thermal regulated, comfortable, and durable.

I’ve been using Cariloha bamboo sheets for several years and they continue to maintain their softness and durability. Their color is still vibrant and they wash beautifully. They’re warm in the cooler months and cool in the warmer months so I use them all year round.


Bamboo blanket

If you don’t want to change your bedding, adding layers of warm-toned throw blankets in another way include autumn in your bedroom. Cariloha soft Bamboo Knit Throws will keep you toasty warm on those cold autumn and winter nights. To me, knitted blankets are the hallmark of what makes you feel relaxed, secure, cuddly and comfortable.

To make this throw blanket even comfier, they’ve tailored it with a thicker gauge yarn for exquisite plushness and longer-lasting durability. It’s optimally balanced in weight and size, making it heavy enough to keep you warm but light enough to travel with or snuggle on the couch.

Front Door Wreath

autumn wreath on door

Adorning your entrance with an autumn leaf and floral wreath is a great way to pay tribute to the harvest season. If you’re crafty, you can pick up a basic straw wreath and embellish it with things that reflect autumn; colorful silk foliage, mini pumpkins or gourds, ornamental birds, Indian corn, branches, acorns, faux fruit, and a decorative bow. Or you can pick one up for around $100 in most stores.


gourd centerpieces

There are so many clever ways to add an autumn-themed centerpiece to your home. The internet is full of creative ideas that will inspire you to get decorating. I found several do it yourself videos that will walk you through the steps to make a stunning gourd centerpiece for your home. But, you don’t have to use gourds as a vase, you can use an old pitcher, an old teapot, an old crate, an old boot, an old mailbox, or you might find something new to start your off your focal piece. Or if you don’t feel inspired to make one yourself, the stores are beaming with seasonal options.

Outside Decor

autmn decor

Give the outside of your home a Fall makeover that will add plenty of curb appeal. Recently I found that you can pick up some really nice autumn decor items at your local farmer’s market. There are a lot of artisans there that are eager to show off their skills and sell their wares. I found this piece shown, in a craft store and it’s adorable. It will fit nicely on a front step, your porch, or inside your entranceway.

I also love the variety of scarecrows, corn stalks, wooden placards, and rustic accessories available that will turn your home into a snuggly haven just in time for harvest, Halloween, and the full moon.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.