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Ayulogica Calendula Horse Chestnut Firming Crème

The Ayurveda Experience presents a ‘Golden’ solution that can keep your skin its ‘Golden Years’:

Ayulogica Calendula Horse Chestnut Firming Crème

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Challenge the most stubborn signs of Aging on not just your Face, but on your Neck and Dècolletè as well with a 1-step Daily Ritual with an Innovative Union of Ancient Ayurveda + Modern Skin Science that understands Dosha specific needs of Dry-Sensitive Skin and brings together a Scientific blend of Skin Firming, Tightening & Moisturizing ingredients!

Ayulogica Calendula Horse Chestnut Firming Crème

Bringing the Scientifically enhanced Ayurvedic intelligence of the ‘Peruvian Gold’‘Conker Tree’ and the ‘Skin-Lipid Mimicking Trio’ in a 1-step-30-second daily step for dry, sensitive, aging skin that tends to lose its firmness over time. The result is the Ayulogica Calendula Horse Chestnut Firming Crème.

🤍 Get visibly firmed and tightened appearance of aging skin with ‘Peruvian Gold’ and the Conker Tree.
🤍 Target saggy and loose-appearing skin on all areas that show signs of aging even before the face does.
🤍 Uplift the look of saggy skin with the confidence of firmness.
🤍 Address dual Doshas – both Dry & Sensitive skin types and the discomfort that accompanies them.
🤍 Keep your skin moisturized longer with the outstanding benefits of the Himalayan Wonder Oil + 2 special ingredients that together form the ‘Skin Liquid Mimicking Trio’. You can finally skip the repetitive cycles of moisturization.
🤍 Keep the skin at its best health at every age! 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond! Soften deep signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles near the lips, on the forehead, near the eyes and on the neck.
🤍 Stay comfortable throughout the day with its non-greasy, non-sticky texture that absorbs readily into the skin and doesn’t clog pores. Just enough moisturization to keep dryness and flaky skin at bay, while also keeping the skin feeling light!
🤍 A fragrant-free formula that doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive skin type.

Ayulogica Calendula Horse Chestnut Firming Crème

The Ayulogica Calendula Horse Chestnut Firming Crème restores the look of firmness and adds a feeling of plumpness to sagging-looking skin with active ingredients like Quinoa milk proteins and horse chestnut extracts.

The ‘Peruvian Gold’ is a complete protein ingredient containing all the 9 essential amino acids that the body can’t make on its own.

The ‘Conker Tree Nuts’ contain Saponins and Flavonoids that are scientifically proven to keep the look of signs of aging like saggy skin, lines, wrinkles and dryness-induced sensitivity away.

The ‘Skin-Lipid Mimicking Trio’ is not just any ordinary trio, but 3 scientifically chosen ingredients based on their synergy to create an action-packed blend that mimic the skin’s lipid barrier and create a moisture-binding film on the skin.

But don’t confuse this formulation for the heavy, greasy, look-dulling moisturization that you get from ordinary creams!

These ingredients are chosen to keep in mind that their moisturization doesn’t bog the skin down under heaviness or stickiness. 

As Lightweight as it is Intense!

Know the firming action of these unique ingredients in a fragrance-free, non-sticky solution formulated by a medicinal scientist with extensive knowledge of Ayurveda, in detail, here!

Vegan — Fragrant Free — No Harmful Chemicals —No Mineral Oil — Cruelty-Free — Gluten-Free

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