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Ayulogica Dry-Sensitive Skincare Set

Did you know that it takes about 30 seconds for anything to penetrate your skin? Introducing the Ayurlogica Dry-Sensitive Skincare Set!

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So then, when you as a conscious safe-skincare consumer take the effort to choose the best face cleanser with natural & nutritive ingredients ‚Äď is your skin REALLY getting all the benefits your cleanser is supposed to give, when you HAVE TO cleanse your face and wash it off all in less than 15 seconds?

Granted ‚Äď most drugstore face washes will dry your skin out if you leave those on for 30 seconds before washing them off. Not just that, they‚Äôll also strip your skin of its natural oils and essential moisture-providing agents, which may result in even more dryness and flakiness.

So how can you make sure your skin is not only getting the benefits of the last steps of your skincare routine (toners, masks, oils and creams) Рbut instead, is undergoing a nourishing spa-like experience right from the very first step?

Ayulogica Cleanser

 Ayulogica Dry-Sensitive Skin Set

The Ayurveda Experience has formulated a¬†unique way to cleanse¬†your skin from impurities, dust, overnight-accumulated oil, skin shedding etc. ‚Äď packed with ingredients that both nourish AND cleanse your skin ‚Äď All under the¬†Ayurvedic ‚Äė30-second Cleansing Rule‚Äô¬†‚Äď redefining the way you‚Äôll look at your¬†cleansing routine!


Once again, we bring,¬†Ayurveda‚Äôs Golden Spice, Turmeric¬†and its extraordinary prowess to deliver¬†intense purification, brightness and softness¬†to your skin…

…Combined with *new* Fresh¬†Apple Aminos, that makes for a¬†lotion-textured¬†non-foaming¬†cr√®me-wash, Ayurvedically enriched and scientifically formulated by a medicinal scientist!

It also contains the Trio of Chrono-energizers: Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, and Copper Gluconate, best known for locking in moisture and extremely beneficial to dry and sensitive (Vata/Vata-Pitta) skin types.

We call¬†this cleanser¬†a ‘3-under-30 Smart-Balance Formula’¬†because of its ability to impart¬†3 major benefits in under 30 seconds¬†of a cleansing routine: soothe¬†dryness, reduce the appearance of¬†redness¬†and give the skin¬†clarity¬†along with glow!¬†

Now, you may have already bought a cleansing lotion a few weeks ago, but rest assured, this lotion-textured formula has similar moisturizing ingredients but takes the process of the end-of-the-day purification several notches up because of the presence of Curcumin compounds within pure Turmeric! 

Wondering how all these ingredients come together to form a cleanser never seen before anywhere? 

Ayulogica Dry-Sensitive Skincare Set

 Ayulogica Dry-Sensitive Skin Set

The Ayulogica Dry-Sensitive Skincare Set is a moisturizing masque-creme-serum trio for Dry, Sensitive, Mature, Aging Skin: Vata, Vata/Pitta Dosha.

Use the serum and creme morning and evening every day, and the masque once a week. The set addresses the specific needs of the unique yet all too common Dry-Sensitive, Aging Skin Type with a uniquely designed 2X regime that combats the appearance of Redness, reduces the appearance of dryness and aging and supports “Reaction Prone Skin” to be calmer, softer and radiant!

The action-packed Ayulogica Dry-Sensitive Skincare Set trio checks all the boxes!

  1. Get clean, soft skin without striping your skin tight
  2. Enjoy vitamin C rich ingredients without experiencing any burning or tingling
  3. Soothes the skin and reduces the appearance of redness
  4. Infuses a burst of moisture
  5. Vegan
  6. Gluten-Free
  7. No harmful chemicals
  8. No mineral oils
  9. Cruelty-Free
  10. Fragrance Free

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