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Ayulogica Replenishing Serum for Truly Good Skin

Do you have extremely dry skin? Or combination skin with seasonal troubles? Or t-zone complaints with oily skin? Or perhaps just normal skin that sometimes won’t let you get a good night’s sleep peacefully?

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Or is it something else altogether? And while the problems are varied and distinct, it doesn’t mean you need to have 6 different products for 6 different problems.

Your face tells you a lot about your skin — how it feels, what it needs, what it wants, and what it lacks. All of your skin’s needs can be met if you think Ayurveda.

Because all your moody skin needs is the Ayurvedic secret to ‘Truly Good Skin’!

Ayulogica Replenishing Serum

The Ayulogica Replenishing Serum was designed to cater to every skin type, boost your face’s natural beauty, and bring a host of benefits that work on every layer of your skin from within, helping your skin show off its best colors. A new age formulation combining age-old skincare ingredients in a light non-greasy serum you can use in many ways!

Ayulogica Replenishing Serum

What: Premoisturizer treatment for the appearance of redness, post hair removal treatment serum to soothe skin,

For: All skin types (Tridosha), but extremely helpful for sensitive (Pita) skin and useful for dry (Vata) skin.

When: After toning, before moisturizing and/or after aggressive facial treatments such as plucking, threading, waxing, epilation or shaving.

Purpose: Reduce the appearance of redness and comfort irritated skin.

Why: The Dhatelo Seed Oil and triple mineral complex were designed specially to meet the needs of extremely sensitive skin. Enriched with the goodness of moisturizing Oat Peptides and youthifying Horse Chestnut, this is your go-to formula for comforted, happy skin! Whether you have oily skin, T-zone complaints, normal skin with seasonal troubles or skin just won’t let you rest, Dhatelo Oils is your friend.

How To Use: Take 4-5 drops on the tip of your fingers and massage onto a clean face. Apply twice a day for maximum benefits. May also be used on the eyebrows and upper lip area after treatment.

Vegan| Gluten-Free | No Harmful Chemicals | No Mineral Oils | Cruelty-Free | Fragrance-Free |

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