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Ayurveda Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day weekend is here and we want to celebrate. It’s time to focus on what we all have gleaned and learned from our moms!

We’ve learned a lot from our mom’s, from cooking to gardening to crafts and so much more. We owe a lot to the stable force within our family and it’s time to give back with a gift of love. The Ayurveda Experience is having a Mother’s Day Special and right now you can save 10% by using the code Lilac10!

Use Code Lilac10 to get 10% off!

Brighten your face with a natural glow through the healing and complexion boosting properties of the world’s most expensive properties. Revitalize your look with a combination of herbs and exotic flowers you may never have seen or heard of before to create the iYura line of skincare. And make your facial massage more beneficial by using the Kansa Wand. There are so many options for mom.

Use Code Lilac10 to get 10% off!


Ajara Ageless Skincare

Ajara means ageless in Sanskrit. It’s a range of pristine, indulging, nurturing skincare essentials that bring out our natural beauty. The pure and safe ingredients are thoughtfully handcrafted to create a line of Ajara products perfect for each skin type and Dosha.

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